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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Cyber War or Grand Theft Felony

    Cyber War or Grand Theft Felony

    Paradigm Intel:

    The penetration of US computers doesn't
    speak to US failure. ( DOD, State Dept,
    Google, Banks, etc. )

    While US admits the Computer Security
    breaches, its not quite the same in Russia 
    or China. 

    Russia via the RBN has been into most
    of the Chinese networks, and USA networks.
    We believe they are responsible for recent
    corporate cyber break ins.

    And USA has been into the Russian and
    Chinese networks.

    And the Chinese have been into the Russian and
    Chinese networks.

    World Wide Internet Security sucks.
    World Wide penetration works.

    Paradigm Intel says US, NSA specifically knows
    who did the recent Corporate break ins, theft of source
    Not by dint of police or Intelligence work but NSA just opened
    the Russian and Chinese networks and searched 
    for the data, Over 100 terabytes.

    If USA's best cyber security has failed,
    then so has Russian and Chinese.

    And a failure in the ability to track perpetrators.
    Currently a state or criminal perp can remain

    There is a method to track perps, a technology,
    outside the box, but we have seen only shadows
    that it might have been implemented.

    We rank the Cyber powers as follows:

    #1) USA
    #2) RBN
    #3) China
    #4) Saudi Arabia

    #5) Germany and England

    #6) India

    #10) Criminals.

    And a paradigm of Mutually assured destruction
    works well, 

    And few want the WWW brought down.
    Maybe Iran and the Terrorist.
    Looking at the other guys cards,
    breaking into networks is accepted 
    and can't be stopped.

    And Cornfliker is run by either NSA or RBN.
    Our paradigm Intel Engine is still cranking 
    on Cornfliker.

    RIAA went nutz over shoplifting some MP3s.
    RIAA hunting flies with a 50 cal
    Then the American Corporates are going to go mental
    when their source code shows up in some 
    Russian or Chinese Company's programs on the WWW.

    Paradigm Intel says the State Department is
    quietly working on restitution for the source code theft.
    And treatys to punish future source code thefts by

    Currently the popular International thought is
    American Banks defrauded the world with their
    sub-prime debacle, and Criminal Cyber withdrawals 
    from those banks are extra judicial justice.
    Bad news for the FBI and the Criminal Banks.

    The problem with this paradigm is the Criminal and
    terrorist elements.
    They are converging, "just another ARMS SALE".
    As far as the criminals are concerned.
    But a sale of cyber WMD to terrorists is going
    to be problematic.
    Cyber Defcon #1, NOW.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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