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    Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    Cyber War misunderstood

    Cyber WAR in the Air?

    There is a lot of confusion about Cyber warfare
    and just what it is.

    His post reveals alot of the Confusion about terms
    and definitions and how and what Cyber War is.

    Cyber war and cyber crime are intertwined.
    You can see how they build on each other.
    Paradigm Intel points to the old
    RBN Bussian Business Net in the
    latest Google intrusion.

    On the Bottom level we have phishers,
    pushing fake security scans and
    fake security software, my last count
    was around 500 sites.

    Then we have the Money launders,
    scamming retailers and Ebay users,

    And we have ID thieves, with key loggers
    and scams to collect credit card info.
    An American has their ID stolen
    every 8 seconds.
    And while credit reporting agencys
    know about and see the ID theft they do nothing,
    unless you pay them $10 a month for every
    family member.
    They see the Mortgage in your 8 year old
    daughters name but they won't tell you about
    it. They see it in all the data they collect about
    you and sell for billions of dollars a year.
    But the credit reporting agencys do not
    have the integrity to tell the people they
    collect credit info on that their ID has
    been stolen.

    The price of stolen IDs have come down
    over the past 10 years because of the
    ease of stealing IDs.

    And then we have hackers doing the Banks
    for hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The FBI just reported the drop in physical
    bank robberies. But the amount of the 
    thefts have rose to new all time highs.

    And a step up from that are the guys that
    walk through the best cyber security 
    in the USA, or any where in the world.

    They walked into Google, ( and our paradigm 
    intel says, Micro soft ) the Department of Defense,
    State Department and thousands of US corporations.

    Just scooped up what they wanted.
    They have even been into the computers of some
    of the Top security vendors.
    Stealing trade secrets and classified info.

    Then we have " deniers" they deny access to
    the Internet, in Georgia their DDos attacks
    blocked people from some Government web sites.

    And a few corporations have have been victims of
    DDOS attacks.

    Now here is where the Bot nets come in,
    Using millions of zombie PCs to send out
    emails to create sales and scams.

    And Bot nets can do DDOS attacks also.
    Which brings us to the Biggest Bot net.
    Cornfliker, which the top minds in USA
    has been working against for a year now.
    And its still there.

    Bots have it easy on the WWW as
    Micro Soft refused to up date
    illegal OS, where most bots live.

    Confliker maybe big enough to attack the 
    13 internet nodes with forms of a DDOS
    attacks to actually bring the WWW 
    While that would not be the goal of most
    state actors it might be the goal of terrorist
    and a few suicidal state nations.

    And one of the goals in a cyber war would
    be to cut off the other guy from the WWW 
    while leaving it up for the Rest of the world.

    Or in defensive mode to take threats off the
    net, crashing them or blocking them from

    Currently the terrorist top hackers are 
    under close observation and don't
    pose a threat, but at some point

    The terrorist are diligent working on acquiring
    significant  hacking capabilities.
    Our BSU's see indications of it daily.

    The law of unintended consequences 
    will play a big part in Cyber Warfare.

    No one is sure how far into the worlds
    infrastructures and cultures a shut down
    of the WWW will extend.

    We are just not certain.

    To review :
    There is NO privacy on the web,
    However you may be able to hide among the
    millions of surfers.

    Every one is running NAKED.
    There is no absolute security.

    The technology exists to bring
    down the WWW.
    And keep it down.

    The credit reporting agencys
    are allowing financial rape of
    the people they collect info on.

    No one can tell who is attacking 
    and they can be, and remain invisible.

    You have not been safe
    and are not safe on the
    WWW now.
    Attacks are  no longer targeted but are automated and target every thing.

    An unremovable invisible rootkit, with stealth backdoors,
    reading and copying everything.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    ( If I had $20 thousand I could move that
    comprehension from Tactical to Strategic .G )



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