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    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    RIAA maybe seeking death penalties, sexy

    RIAA abusing 14 yr old cheerleaders for not being Internet literate.

    A federal appeals court is ordering a university student to pay the Recording Industry Association of America $27,750 — $750 a track — for file sharing 37 songs when she was a high school cheerleader.

    The lower court had granted her an “innocent infringer’s” exemption to the Copyright Act’s minimum of $750 per track because she said she didn’t know she was violating copyrights and thought file sharing was akin to internet radio streaming.

    Most of the thousands of RIAA file sharing cases have settled out of court for a few thousand dollars. The RIAA is winding down its 6-year-old litigation campaign targeting individual file sharers and instead is working with internet service providers to adopt rules that could cut off or hinder internet access to copyright scofflaws.
    The first RIAA case to go to trial against an individual concerned Jammie Thomas. A Minnesota jury ordered the woman to pay $1.92 million for file sharing 24 songs. The judge in the case reduced the award to $54,000 — $2,250 a track.
    The second case concerns Joel Tenenbaum, a Boston University grad student who a jury ordered to pay $675,000 for file sharing 30 tracks last year. Tenenbaum has asked the judge in the case to lower the award. A decision is pending.

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    Our sources report RIAA maybe seeking death penalties in Iran
    for file sharing.

    $1.9 million dollar fine for shoplifting, 
    Now if they had stole the CDs from a brick building
    instead of the Internet I don't think they would
    have gotten $1.9 million dollar fines.

    Cruel and unusual punishment is a statement implying that governments shall not inflict suffering or humiliation on the condemned as punishment for crimes, regardless of their degree of severity. It was founded in the English Bill of Rights, which was signed in 1689 by King William III and Queen Mary II, who were then the joint rulers of EnglandScotland, and Ireland following the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688.
    These exact words later appeared in the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution (1787). 
    So USA prohibits the Government from cruel and unusual punishments but I guess its Ok
    in Civil courts.

    Well the USA allows 460% banking loan sharks, and 30% vig mafia rates on credit cards
    why wouldn't  they allow Million dollar fines for shoplifting?

    See what assholes can get thru congress with Lobbyist
    and a few million dollars in bribes, errr I mean legal 
    donations, sorry my error.

    Does everybody on the hill have their head up their ass?

    Remember the rootkit Sony put on everyone's
    PC with their CDs, and they got away with it.



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