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    Saturday, January 09, 2010

    Taliban spinning CIA bomber


    Quote from CIA bombers English version of the Video:
    "offered me millions of dollars....arranged together....arranged this attack....this suicide attack......"

    At the time of this video he had not internalized the suicide attack,
    he didn't say "My suicide attack" he said "This suicide attack"

    The video its self was a rushed job, it is in a 'safe house' without
     electricity the Two lights used to film the video were Battery operated.
    the room they filmed in was cold, note the outer garments they both wore
    and how he kept pulling his robe around him to keep warm, but you couldn't
    see their breath. So it wasn't freezing but was cold and dark, only source of
    light was the video lights.

    Pulling his robe together.

    The Taliban leaders body language is very interesting.

    Leader is showing him no respect.

    Our analysis of the video shows they were setting on the same rug that
    the camera was on, as one point one adjusts his position and the cameras
    moves ever so slightly, you can see this in the shift of the banner in the background.

    The first video was in Arabic and the second video was in English.
    We are not posting either.

    The English video they moved the camera forward for better details.
    And note the Taliban commander said nothing, and looked toward the
    suicide bomber a few times with a look of surprise.

    What? ( look )

    The rush job of the video suggests they did not train him, just
    gave him a belt and a button and sent him on his way.
    The setting and timing suggests a rushed job.

    There is the possibility they caught him spying and gave
    him the choice of beheading or suicide bombing, coupled
    with threats to his family, and appeals to paradise, virgins,
    and GREAT after death PR. Which may explain why there
    is no real "maryters WILL" VIDEO...

    Picking his nose!! During Maryters Will?
    This Muslim bomber is not esteemed !
    The head of the Taliban can barely stand him.

    And as a Muslim this 'last will' leaves a lot to be desired.

    And the video adds to speculation as to why all the confusion in
     the early news releases by the Taliban.

    There is some speculation as to a connection to the Yemen bomber
    and additional spys on the CIA base.

    There is much to the post bombing handling by the Taliban that
    just isn't fitting together.

    More to come. The part about him being a Taliban suicide bomber
    stinks. Too much doesn't fit.


    Our old paradigm, we still can't fit it all together
    yet. G
    This doesn't fit the story "Taliban Bomber", either.

    Taliban surprised by CIA suicide bombing.

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