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    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    Bad news for Taliban

    CIA used to just be doing a job, NOW its personal.

    From our sources inside the Beltway.

    Before there were about 250 UAV sorties a day over AfPak. 
    After CIA killings the count last week => over 600 a day now and climbing, particularly over Afghanistan.  
    Before we might have 2-3 UAVs working a strike, now we have 4-5 on each strike and enough UAV's everywhere 24/7 that their presence no longer signals to the muj that a strike is on.

    More UAVs on the way. 
    Also a new secret Mini Hornet killer UAV, Targets individuals and very small groups.
    Taliban admin and C2 to come under constant strikes.
    Strikes more surgical and will increase by an order of magnitude.

    CIA very pissed.
    CIA Vows Revenge for Suicide Attack





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