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    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    SysAdmin catch 22

    SysAdmin catch 22
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    (Google Blog formating sucks, I've left it as they loaded it, looking ofr better platform,G)

    The basic reality of America's limits to do the SysAdmin work

    Even if fewer troops are sent, or their mission is modified, the rough formula used by the White House, of about $1 million per soldier a year, appears almost constant.

    So the math is easy: 40k troops for Afghanistan equals $40B.One answer is to build in the direction of the SysAdmin, of course, but to do so in sufficient fashion would make the Leviathan too small, thus my argument from day one that the answer is to shift the old burden sharing arguments from the Leviathan (where little exists anyway) to the SysAdmin (where our allies are far more comfortable operating anyway).Extending the logic further: since our old allies (Europe, Industrialized Asia) typically can't muster the necessary ROE (rules of engagement), because SysAdmin work ain't all passing out food packets, we need to expand the pool of allies to include people willing to kill and sacrifice in defending globalization's expanding networks (colonialism to the small-minded who believe people should be left alone to enjoy their pristine poverty).At that point, you're talking logically about the rising pillars with expanding economic interests--meaning the incentivized.These states will typically claim, "I don't want to get involved with such nasty stuff. Everybody loves me! Leave it to the Americans."Then, in the final calculation, you get past the hyperbole and nonsense and realize that the opponents of connectivity fall into two, rather small but still potent camps: 1) the dictators that must maintain it to maintain their power; and 2) the fundamentalists who must detach from this "evil" assimilation process that liberates women, "ruins" kids, and gives people all sorts of "dangerous" ideas.Do-able?Not with our current set of allies. But when the entirety of the Core is considered? Absolutely



    The catch 22, Others don't want to do the SysAdmin, it isn't safe.

    Doing SysAdmin in a battle field is dangerous.

    How do we incentivize the core to do SysAdmin in the Gap?

    Capitalism, profits may lead the way.

    In Tom's weblog he had some great arguments about implementing

    SysAdmin, but the site doesn't seem to have a search function any more?

    How does one build roads, infrastructure in a battle field?

    USA has the Leviathan but doesn't seem to be able to

    provide the security necessary to develop the SysAdmin.

    And USA doesn't seem able to provide the security without

    an infrastructure.

    And to get the infrastructure it needs the SysAdmin,

    and SysAdmin needs the security to build the infrastructure,

    the catch 22.

    The question remains how to provide it all at once?

    It would seem long term the indigenous security systems,

    Army and Police have to provide the security to set up the

    SysAdmin to build the infrastructure.

    So we are back to building up the Nations security systems

    to provide the security.

    Can this be done without killing all the Taliban?

    Can the people be converted to support a SysAdmin

    against the Terrorist?

    That would seem to rely on an effective Info WAR,

    bring the truth to the people, and laying the responsibility

    for the suicide bombings at the feet of the Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Currently the people are all over the horizon blaming USA, India

    and Blackwater for the suicide bombings.

    Blaming everyone except themselves for the empowered

    terrorist among themselves.

    It would seem there is a road map through this landscape

    if done in proper order.



    (Google formating SUCKS




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