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    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Somalia Pirate's death wish.

    Somalia Pirate's death wish.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Pirates are operating against USA, Russian and Iranian Navys.

    Terrorist are over running the country.

    They have no allies.

    And they seize a OIL tanker.

    At some point someone will say enough
    and clean their clocks.

    The Somalia insurgents keep taking
    a switch to a sleeping lion.

    Not a good idea.
    Their is some evidence the Pirates have joined
    forces with the terrorists.

    They keep making enough noise and the worlds
    gaze will fix on them, and they won't like the results.

    Its just a question of time.

    Nawing on a cops ankle isn't a good paradigm.

    I don't think even N Korea supports them.

    World Briefing - Africa - Somalia - North Korea Ship Foils Pirates ...

    Sep 16, 2009 ... Somali pirates failed to hijack a North Korean cargo ship almost two weeks ago.

    Somalia and Pirates defy the World.

    US-Bound Supertanker Seized by Pirates Off Somalia

    Bloomberg - Alaric Nightingale, Gregory Viscusi - ‎2 hours ago‎
    30 (Bloomberg) -- The Greek-owned supertanker Maran Centaurus was seized by pirates offSomalia while heading to the US, as attackers venture ever farther ...

    Without a functioning government since 1991 Somalia is unable to enforce laws on land or at sea, allowing the arid Horn of Africa country to become an anarchic haven for pirates, Islamist insurgents and others.

    Somali training camps fuel threat of attacks on US

    The Associated Press - Mohamed Olad Hassan, Jason Straziuso - ‎Nov 29, 2009‎
    MOGADISHU, Somalia — The recruits gather in scorching desert hideouts in Somalia, use portraits of President Barack Obama for target practice, ...


    Terrorism probe casts scrutiny on Minneapolis' Somali immigrant enclave

    Los Angeles Times - Bob Drogin - ‎Nov 25, 2009‎
    And they disagree over their former neighbors who are accused of plotting jihad in Somalia. Muse Hassan Gala, left, and Jama Dirir talk at the Alle Aamin ...


    Somalia: Heavy Fighting Starts in Mogadishu - ‎Nov 23, 2009‎
    Heavy fighting between the Islamist fighters and AMISOM troops have started around Kulliyadda Jalle Si'ad building, a base for the Burundian troops in the ...


    Russian destroyer joins anti-piracy mission off Somalia

    RIA Novosti - ‎7 hours ago‎
    The task force was the third group of warships from the Russian Pacific Fleet engaged in the anti-piracy mission off Somalia, with the previous two task ...

    Iranian Navy will fight piracy off coast of Somalia

    PRESS TV - ‎15 hours ago‎
    According to Iranian military sources, the country's navy has dispatched four fleets of warships to fight piracy off the coast of Somalia.

    Somalia seeks funds to fight pirates and rebels

    Business Daily Africa - ‎Nov 29, 2009‎
    Photo/REUTERS By REUTERS (email the author) Somalia's Western-backed government plans a big increase in spending next year chiefly funded by foreign donors, ...


    Pirates Widen Range, Straining Naval Patrols

    New York Times - Matthew Saltmarsh - ‎Nov 19, 2009‎
    The attacks have moved deeper into the Indian Ocean and along the African coast from Somaliatoward the Mozambique Channel, away from the well-policed Gulf ...


    Seems like they have pissed everyone off.

    Paradigm Intel says at some point someone will attack the pirate bases,
    in Somalia and run them to ground, maybe establish a Government,
    or at least clean out the nest of bad guys.

    Will Russia, or Britain or Iran or USA or SA will invade them, maybe all of them
    will turn on the ankle biters.

    Their time is limited, paradigm of fools.

    Interview with Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jim Carty:

    When Somali pirates attacked the Maersk Alabama on Nov. 18 for the second time this year, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jim Carty's antenna went up.

    He was the battle watch captain aboard the Combined Task Force flagship the USS Boxer in the Gulf of Aden, in the Middle East, when pirates attacked the Alabama with Captain Shane Murphy of Seekonk aboard last April. Navy SEALS ultimately shot and killed the pirates in a rescue mission that freed the merchant marine ship's captain, Richard Phillips of Vermont.

    In the Navy Reserve, I drill with a unit assigned to U.S. Second Fleet in Norfolk. One of the commands within Second Fleet, Expeditionary Strike Group Two (ESG-2), was deploying to Bahrain for a year and did not have enough people, so the decision was made to recall reservists back to active duty to support ESG-2. ( Commander Task Force, CTF 51 and 59 )

    In addition to that, we simultaneously led CTF-151 for approximately six months of the year. That is the task force specifically assigned to lead ships assigned to Coalition Maritime Forces for counter piracy. In doing so, we work closely with similar task forces in the area that are part of NATO and the European Union. We also work closely with independent deployers from countries such as Japan, China, India, and Russia who are also working in the area.

    The world's forces are in place,
    question becomes when will the world will
    decide to act?


    Several security experts believe the pirates are helping to fund Al-Qaeda operations in that war-torn region. Meanwhile, on Friday, agents with Somalia’s customs bureau seized more than $1-million worth of fake US notes in Mogadishu’s Adan Adde International airport, authorities told local reporters on Saturday, Nov. 28.

    During a press conference held at the airport, Somalia’s Treasury Minister, Abdulrahman Omar Osman said the fake money was to be smuggled into Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, where it was to be used to carry out terrorism attacks.

    Somalia’s police spokesman, Dhexe Abdullahi Hassan is quoted as saying that Al Qaeda was the prime suspect and decided to smuggle counterfeit notes after international financial institutions starved the terrorist group of all money supplies.

    According to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police's Terrorism Committee, Somali authorities plan to destroy the contraband money. ( ??? Hmm G. )




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