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    Saturday, November 28, 2009

    Punishment context, US troops

    Punishment context, US troops
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The paradigm for the troops in Iraq was faulty.

    4 of them have been charged with killing some
    prisoners/ terrorists.

    What they have been accused of doing is wrong,
    and was against the law. No disagreement.

    Now for the punishment.
    I hope they look at the actions in context.
    USA hires and trains the troops to be problem
    solvers to think outside the box, especially when
    it comes to saving American troopers lives, stopping
    unnecessary deaths.

    And they worked out a solution to the faulty
    paradigm that was threatening their lives and
    the lives of their troops/friends and killing US troopers.

    The bad guys would get caught, (the guys
    trying to kill them, and did kill some of the
    USA troops), and would later be turned loose
    to attack the same troops again.

    Stupid double and triple jeopardy.

    Paradigm Intel says, they started to arrest
    and hold all the enemy personnel that
    were captured.

    And a few got a Lawyer, and got off,
    then everyone was getting off on
    a 'criminal logic' during 'war time' action..

    And JAG determined they need evidence
    to fight the lawyers in criminal courts.

    And the Military trained the troops to
    collect evidence, TRAINING: a 15 min. power point.

    That is the context.
    The Troops determined the same guys
    were being released to attack them
    over and over.

    And they stepped outside the box,
    and stopped them from attacking
    them again. They shot them.

    Were the guys they shot
    the enemy that was attacking them?

    I think that doesn't make a difference
    about guilt, but should make a difference
    in the punishment phase.

    The WAR paradigm changed on the troops.
    They were poorly trained in a work around
    to fix the broken paradigm.
    And came up with an effective but wrong
    method to fix the broken paradigm,
    to save the lives of US troops, as a last resort.

    The Military leadership knew the paradigm
    was broken and were working on fixes.

    But the Military leadership bears some
    responsibility for putting the troops in
    a reoccurring life threatening situation
    from the same people the troops
    kept arresting and turning over to
    the authorities who then released the
    terrorists, AGAIN.

    Lets see if JAG has their heads up their
    asses on this one too.
    Maybe an Award? NAMES?

    Yes, JAG is an expert on law,
    But I'm not so sure how good
    JAG is on handing out JUSTICE.



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