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    Friday, November 06, 2009

    Malik Nadal Hasan is a terrorist.

    Malik Nadal Hasan is a terrorist.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    Our paradigm intel strongly classifies him as a terrorist.
    A question remains was he home grown or did he have
    a handler?

    The has been a lot made about a posting he
    made comparing some one that throws himself
    on a grenade to a Suicide bomber.

    That is what THEY think.
    What I've seen on the net he never
    embraces suicide bombing.
    The statement it's self is not
    a threat of endorsement.
    Not much of a lead or reason for surveillance.

    There is no indication of terrorist
    intent, he generalizes the statement.
    he doesn't say American, he says
    the Islamic enemy, applicable to
    any time frame in history.

    Alot more can be gleaned from his
    blog, we sure would like to analyze it.
    It will tell if he had a handler or was
    self ordained. Any one have the URL?

    Fort Hood seems to functioned during
    this crisis as a well oiled machine.

    Fast heavy reaction team, perp
    was engaged within 3 min of firing shots.
    universal warning to all on the fort
    to stay inside via PA system, and sirens
    so the notice couldn't go unnoticed.

    A good example for other cities to study.

    The biggest fault may also indicate its
    triaged focus.

    These troops are battle field immunized.
    In their expert experience those type wounds
    are fatal.

    There isn't much doubt their focus was
    very practical, and battle field oriented.
    Move out the wounded, clear out the area
    and bring over whelming force to the play.

    After the job was done they discovered
    the perp wasn't dead.

    And they dispatched a CID agent with
    the perp at all times.


    Back to Malik Nadal Hasan.
    He targeted troops in the position,
    location that represented those
    troops going overseas on deployment.
    This may speak to his terrorist motivations.
    Shooting people he knew?

    He had just been ordered to Iraq.
    Paradigm Intelligence indicates he was afraid
    of what other Muslims in Iraq would think of
    his work and position with the US Army.
    No indications he was afraid of death
    in Iraq.

    He had two weapons and had to reload
    several times. That indicates planning.

    He was an American, lived in America
    all his life.
    He served eight years as an enlisted soldier.
    He also served in the ROTC as an undergraduate
    at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg.
    He received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry
    there in 1997.

    Key will be tracking his radicalization,
    and if one person was prominent in his
    Bastardization of Islam.
    That person is the Handler.
    See if the handler has connections
    to al Qaeda.

    Functioning normally and making

    That tape tends to rule out a psychotic
    break. A personality break maybe?

    He spent 6 years helping those troops
    with the heaviest psychological burdens
    and listening to the worst of the worst
    in heavy war disasters.

    Before the new counseling program,
    Fort Hood had 10 suicides, sounds heavy duty.

    The paradigm intel suggests a split between
    his military side and the Bastardized
    Muslim side, the Muslim part that
    got twisted real bad.

    Something that argues for a handler
    is the method of attack.
    The previous 5 attacks in America
    all involved explosives.

    This attack was with two side arms.
    Expect more of same.

    Was it a tactic transition to avoid
    detection or something else.

    There is no question about his intelligence
    and the higher the intelligence the more
    severe the reaction.

    His blog, computer, phone records
    purchase of weapons and defense
    methods will explain most of our


    Some chatter about Gov removing his Face book page.

    His wearing Muslim garb for the week before the attack
    and giving possessions away the day of the attack
    indicates a planning stage, premeditated attack.
    And his yelling Allah Akbar, connects it to some form of Islam.


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    Blogger StarCMC said...

    Good observations! Would love to see that blog myself.

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