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    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    Iran Bluffs the World

    Iran Bluffs the World

    Because of Iran's work on developing a nuclear
    weapon, the world and USA in particular have
    treated Iran with kid gloves.

    Iran exports terrorism to Pakistan, Afghan,
    Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia among others.
    And funding N. Korea by purchasing nuke weapons tech.
    Currently they are exporting IED's not nukes, YET.
    Exporting weapons currently without a nuclear
    protection umbrella.

    And is setting up a fifth column in Venezuela.
    And working on a nuke weapon program.

    Saddam's Iraq used to keep Iran in check,
    But the USA has a Shia group running Iraq now.

    Shia's also run Iran.

    Iraq and Iran fought a running war for 7 years
    I believe and fought to a draw.

    USA defeated Iraq's Army in 100 hours.

    But now Iran, who was Iraq's military equal
    has developed new weapons, but so has

    USA could now also defeat Iran's Military
    in the same 100 hours, now the USA's troops are
    battle hardened, maybe 50 hours now.

    Israel could take down the Iranian nation
    with a few well placed EMP,s.

    Iran has bluffed the world by holding out
    their "NUKE" chip in negotiatons, while
    never having any intention of negotiation.
    While stalling for time.

    Currently there isn't much difference
    between the IRGC and the old SAVAK (secret police)

    Some one will call that bluff, soon.





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