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    Saturday, November 07, 2009

    Hasan evidence of premeditation.

    Hasan evidence of premeditation.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    He chose probably the only place
    in Texas that he could open fire
    on a large group of Americans
    and not have 10 of the group
    pull their own guns and shoot him.

    Even then 30 seconds after he opened
    fire one can hear on the PA system
    some one calling for support " we are
    under fire "

    2 .30 min. after that, he had 4 bullets in him
    from a woman police person.

    He will now spend the rest of his life
    in an American prison, in protective
    solitary confinement.

    To protect him from the American
    prisoners that would kill him.

    Hasan has said that Muslim
    killing Muslim is condemned by

    Of course we are sure that isn't
    true, as al Qaeda kills Muslims
    daily, bombs Mosques and market
    places killing Muslim women
    and children.

    Hasan had a man living with
    him his neighbor said.
    He hung out with an 18 yr old
    man and had NO relationships
    with women. AND WAS 40.

    Hasan will not be a martyr.
    He will be a an American
    prisoner for the rest of his

    Internet Anthropologist




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