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    Friday, November 06, 2009

    American Psyche and terrorism

    The American Psyche and Movies.

    It feels like since the start of the middle East wars
    vampire and zombie movies are on all the time,
    many channels and times a day.

    They even have their own site

    And most of this evil is contagious.
    If your not careful you can catch it
    just like the possibility of contracting
    Swine flue .....

    Or the anthrax scare.

    In a fashion the public determines
    the genre of movies made.

    The studios try and make moves
    in demand, that the public want
    to see.

    So movies are reflective of the
    public Psyche.

    I mean the al Qaeda suicide bombers

    The terrorist say they want to die,
    become a martyr.

    It has the same paradigm,
    killing the walking dead.

    And it seems Muslims can catch it.
    The Fort Hood assassin, was an
    American Muslim who some how
    caught "terrorism",
    He took a OATH to preserve life.
    Look at what he did.

    Now be sure I'm not talking about
    our powers of reason, logic.
    But what our subliminal lizard brain
    "...wasn't a rational calculation. It was a feeling. Over the past decade, a number of major automakers in America have relied on the services of a French-born cultural anthropologist, G. Clotaire Rapaille, whose speciality is getting beyond the rational—what he calls "cortex"—impressions of consumers and tapping into their deeper, "reptilian" responses. "

    And that reptilian brain maybe saying how do I survive a terrorist attack at home?

    And the zombie movies tell them how.
    Shoot them in the head, but be careful
    its contagious, and 'WE' don't understand

    "Think it through and even the gas station
    guy can get through this, and help is on the way.
    But you have to be ready to protect your self"

    Scary but uplifting, and a good end, "WE"

    But maybe movies are just movies???




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