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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Who bitch slapped the Iranian regime.

    Who bitch slapped the Iranian regime.

    The attack on the IRG was a very clear message.
    But stop what?
    The message says your leaders are vulnerable
    to the same tactics the suicide bombers use
    in Pakistan.

    If the regime can't figure out who Bitch slapped
    them, and what they need to stop then they
    are going to get get Bitch slapped again.

    They accused the insurgency, USA, England
    and Pakistan.

    Unless they can narrow it down they need
    stop pissing all of them off.

    Maybe they have figured out who and
    are planning a counter attack?

    Maybe it was Paki ISI, and Iran will invade
    Paki, of course Paki will ask and receive
    USA protection

    In any fight against America the regime
    will get its ass handed to them.

    If they attack the wrong party then they
    risk war.

    Or just launch some of their own suicide
    bombers, and escalate the suicide bombing attacks.
    Iran has some pretty good IED's out there,
    and plenty of them around in Paki and Afghan.
    So there would be no problem hiding the source
    of the IED's, they would all have real Iranian marks,
    on them.
    The ones they marked 'made in America' all
    have been documented, finger printed so to speak.
    as Iranian made.

    Iran maybe producing the very IED's used against them
    if they counter attack.

    I wonder if Abberjonny can catch molten copper with
    his teeth?

    Iran is betwixt a rock and hard place and don't even know it.
    Hope they don't get anything crushed.



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