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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Taliban Zombies

    Taliban Zombies

    Most recently, US and Pakistani intelligence officials were certain Ilyas Kashmiri, a longtime Pakistani jihadi and a senior al Qaeda operative, was killed. Kashmiri later granted an interview with the Asia Times.

    Yazid was also reported to have been killed during the summer of 2008 but later came back to life.

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    A report at Dawn later surfaced that an al Qaeda operative known as Abu Musa al Misri (or Abu Musa al Masri) was killed in the attack. According to a senior US military intelligence official, Abu Musa al Masri is in fact a senior al Qaeda explosive expert and trainer.

    Dawn then identified the al Qaeda commander as Abu al Masri and Mustafa al Yazid - who is better known as Mustafa Abu Yazid and Sheikh Saeed al Masri. Yazid is al Qaeda's top commander in Afghanistan and serves as the equivalent of al Qaeda's chief financial officer. He personally withdraws funds from al Qaeda's treasury, the Bayt al Mal, which was known to be based in Jani Khel in Bannu.

    US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal would not confirm the death of a senior al Qaeda leader but said they were aware of the reports and are investigating.

    ( We made the same mistake and confused the Two.G

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