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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Quick world tour.

    Quick world tour.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    China: For the first time in history is reliant on the rest
    of the world for its growth, gas, oil, minerals etc.
    They are no longer self reliant.

    Fears lack of resources, from world sources, they
    care what the rest of the world thinks.
    Pragmatism rules in China they gave up
    Communism for capitalism.
    The only country in the world that has
    had the same language for 5,000 years.

    Iran still a small time player, but a supporter of
    world wide terrorism. Epic fail on nuke stage.

    USA, Income declining, huge deficits, liquidity
    and declining dollar risks, run by Criminal banks,
    loan sharks, 30% CC, and 402% payday loans.
    World worries about lack of control over Americas
    criminal banks.
    If Brenke can't pull the economy back, and the
    huge deficits are outstanding he may have trouble
    attracting money and could lead to further decline
    in economy, and depression and run on dollar, hyper
    World looking to see if USA has the will to fix
    USA criminal banks , if they have the will
    to confront the problems.

    Europe, not one nation but several, never be a big
    player. Always group of countries.

    India 22 official languages, will always be India
    and lacks organization.

    Russia, big nuclear stockpile and not much else.
    Population declining. Criminal leadership.

    Japan, declining population, and rejection
    of immigration leads to stagnant economy.

    New world information paradigm, all the
    world's urban centers are connected,
    via Internet.
    You can't hide problems any more.
    This core connectivity is a prophylactic
    for war and despots.



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