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    Monday, October 05, 2009

    Personal msg for Gadahn

    Chubby joke

    A Black turban, really

    To Adam Gadahn:I have some sympathy for you.I recognize your attempt to self actualize.

    You have worked hard to make a reputation
    for your self and the continued failure to be
    a success hurts I'm sure.

    Your home schooling, domineering mother
    and isolation hurt your socialization skills.

    Viewed as a chubby failure by your own peers
    you even tried to start a band. And No one would
    join you, so you pathetically formed your one
    man band, remember Aphasia.

    You blamed your mother and father, a former Jew, for your
    failures. And saw a hope living with your Grandparents.

    But they were just like your parents, and you found
    Islam, but even early on the religion of peace lead
    you to attacking your mentor, Haitham Bundakji,

    That failure lead to much trouble, jail time and
    an arrest warrent that is still open, for attacking
    a Muslim.

    Your life has been one failure after another.
    Now you have a place with al Qaeda, kind of
    anyway, you have never met any leaders,
    always watched, and hated, you have to
    have your own body guards to protect
    you from fellow Muslims.

    And the bodyguard are more like baby
    sitters, but al Qaeda is stuck with you.
    And you know you were the best they
    could do as an American mouth piece.

    al Qaeda have given you tremendous
    support and resources, and the best you
    could come up with are the rants against
    the West that found no footing.

    Even al Qaeda questioned your messages
    and found them wanting.

    The Muslims even found your appearance
    objectionable. You were fat and they even
    made you wear make up and under go
    the knife in Pakistan, nice nose job.
    And dye your beard, they made a joke
    out of you in the West, like a little
    terrorist doll, all dressed up.

    A whinner, isn't that what al Qaeda
    calls you behind your back?

    And Western Intelligence knows about
    your interest in bacha bazi and
    so does al Qaeda.

    In the West you are viewed as a kind of
    a joke, a funny little Charlie Chaplin,
    which no one takes seriously.

    al Qaeda uses you as a front and
    doesn't take you seriously even
    as a Muslim. Ever been to Mecca?

    Even as a al Qaeda propagandist
    your a failure, a joke.

    Maybe your success lies in another

    Maybe your true calling, self actualization
    lies in being the informant that brought
    down al Qaeda.

    The worlds top terrorist informant.

    internetanthropologisttt at gmail dot com



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