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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Gov. Paradigm contributes to drug abuse

    Gov. Paradigm contributes to drug abuse
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Government lies about drugs contributes to
    drug use. Stating Mary Jane has no medical use
    is just false.

    My fiancee was a Nurse in a Cancer ward in Boston.
    And at the risk of her career she smuggled marijuana
    into the cancer patients.

    The uplift in outlook and increase in appetite
    was remarkable. Marijuana provided relief
    to people that were deathly sick.

    I was very proud of her actions to help
    her patients even at risk to her career.
    And possible criminal prosecution.

    Lumping marijuana in with other drugs
    like speed, coke, and heroin lead
    younger users to believe if the government
    is lying about mary jane then they are probably
    lying about the dangers of other drugs like
    coke and heroin also.

    Over half of the current prison population
    are there because of Marijuana violations.

    This increases the cost to society for there
    incarceration and cripples society by banning
    them from good jobs making criminal activities
    more appealing, as they can't find work because
    of a marijuana arrest.

    Mary Jane is less dangerous than alcohol drinking.
    I've never seen a fight erupt from mary jane smoking.
    Normally they just get the munchies and veg out,
    go to sleep.

    The GWOT is funded by the criminalization
    of mary jane. The criminalization of marijuana
    leads to the tremendous profits from growing
    the weed.

    Decriminalization of mary jane would reduce
    terrorist profits, cost for imprisoning users
    and allow them to contribute to society with
    good jobs and a better tax base from the
    additional taxes they would pay.

    Cigarettes are legal and so is beer and
    whiskey, both do more damage to the
    public than mary jane.

    The Government needs to quit lying
    about marijuana, and maybe the youth
    will start believing what they say about
    other drugs.

    Disclosure my vice is Cigars.


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