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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Ashyaneh, skript kiddies, aka Iranian hackers

    Iranian Hacker: We Work in Cooperation with the Regime

    Behrouz Kamalian, head of a 15-member Iranian hacker group called "Ashyaneh," stated that the group works in cooperation with most of the government and military organizations in Iran, and that during the Israeli attack on Gaza and on 'Qods Day' (September 18, 2009), the group hacked 1,500 Israeli websites, as well as hundreds of Danish websites in retaliation for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

    Source: IRNA (Iran), October 17, 2009

    ( Behrouz Kamalian, who blogs on mathematics, G )


    Iran's hackers are script kiddies.



    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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