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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Afpak internal relationship.

    Afpak internal relationship.
    A workable paradigm for success.
    By Gerald Intelligence Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Russians swept into Afghan,
    And were involved in a brutal subjugation
    of the country.

    For about 3 years the Afghan people
    futilely resisted with WWI and WWII

    The people formed up a Mujaheddin
    to fight the Russians.
    The Mujaheddin was formed and directed
    by war lords and tribal leaders and others
    drawn form the Middle East to defend
    Afghan from Russia. This includes
    Bin Laden, Omar and their ilk.

    America started to help the Afghan
    people with a black budget of $5
    million dollars, and expanded to
    $1 billion dollars a year syphoned
    through Pakistan.

    USA was using the ISI Paki Intelligence
    to pass out the funds and arms.
    And Paki took a 'handling ' cut.

    But more important Paki became
    the teat for insurgency against
    the Russians in Afghan.

    The Paki intelligence agency
    developed deep and close
    relationships with the Mujaheddin
    army in Afghan fighting the Russians.
    Which was easy to do as they
    controled the purse strings to
    the American billion.

    They developed secret C&C over
    the Mujaheddin by reason of the
    purse strings the ISI controlled.

    The ISI has a close working
    relationship with that Mujaheddin
    that defeated a super power,

    After Russia was driven out
    USA dropped Afghan like
    a hot potato.

    No money, no support,
    no continued funding.
    US Congress refused a
    bill for $1 million for
    schools after the Russians
    were defeated, so the
    Taliban set up schools.

    Out of this Mujaheddin the Taliban
    was formed. And the warlords
    and the extremest religious leaders
    set up the Taliban as the Government.

    Paki fearing this Taliban's capabilities,
    they just took out the Russians, has
    tried to keep relationships with the
    Taliban. Some control and support
    to try and contain the Taliban.

    Paki viewed the Taliban in Afghan
    as a threat to Pakistan.

    The new Afghan government was
    rife with religious despots and war

    But the Taliban formed a
    Government of a kind giving the
    people courts and a brutal form
    of religious culture
    more related to the 1700 than
    the 2000's.

    It was corrupt, brutal and backwards.

    After the Mujaheddin defeated Russia
    Bin Laden was suffering from a Mohamed

    And offered HIS troops to drive Iraq
    back and defend Saudi Arabia.

    Bin Laden really thought he could
    defeat Iraq. Some how he didn't
    realize with out USA support and the
    shoulder fired missiles from USA he
    could have not defeated Russia.

    When Saudi Arabia rejected his
    offer of his army he saw it as
    a denial of his true place as
    the leader, savior of Islam.

    This rejection unbalanced
    him and he became delusional.

    Because Saudi Arabia accepted
    military help from USA instead
    of Bin Laden, he blamed USA.

    And his ego couldn't adjust to
    the rejection, and he attacked
    on 911.

    He brought Omar funding at
    a key point in the development
    of the Taliban Government in
    Afghan and Omar was bought
    by Binny.

    USA drove out the Taliban Government
    in Afghan and DROVE them into
    And the Taliban propaganda spins
    America as the new Russians and
    calls to the people to rejoin the
    new Mujaheddin, the Taliban.
    And fight the Americans.

    And they attempt to replay
    the Russian scenario.

    Pakistan rather than go to war, befriended
    the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan.
    As they already have a relationship
    with them as sponsors, funding etc,
    with the Russians.

    Now that the USA drove the old
    Taliban government out, the new
    Government rose to power,
    the war lords and corrupt politicians.
    Which the USA is trying to deal with
    in Afghan today.

    There is a lot of talk about the areas
    the Taliban "hold".
    For the Taliban to hold an area they
    only have to move into an area where
    one heavy weapons squad can be
    the dominating power.

    Alone Taliban squad could control
    100 squares miles just by patrolling
    and posting night letters and running
    a small FM station. If the Government
    pushes back they call al qaeda for
    a few suicide bombers. And ask/demand
    for recruits from villiages to fight the
    new Russians, the Americans.
    A good info war effort can unspin
    this. FM stations.

    In Pakistan they tried to live with the
    wolf, and hoped they could tame it
    before it ate them.

    They have learned the wolf
    was intent on eating them
    and still has that interest.

    But Paki now seems to
    have the Taliban on the run.

    The Taliban is no longer one
    group it several groups.
    In Paki in Afghan, all with
    different leaders.

    And while Paki goes after
    those in Waristan it still has
    contacts with those in Afghan,

    Paki is looking to their own self
    interests. USA has abandoned
    Afghan before. And if that happens
    Paki wants some inroads into the
    Taliban in Afghan for reasons of
    self defense.

    Throw into this mix the Taliban
    stealth border, the Durand line.

    And the possibilities for combinations
    of terrorism and insurgency are
    are almost endless.

    The basis for this conflict
    is 911 and the Talibans
    support for al Qaeda.

    If USA ties Afpak into
    the electric grid
    for both
    countries underdeveloped areas
    that will lead them to link up to
    the core
    ( ) eventually.
    Barnett's take on electric grid.

    And if the Taliban would
    give up Al qaeda to USA,
    then USA could reduce its foot
    print by 80%.

    Just train the Afghan Military
    and police to handle the Taliban
    if they get out of order. And provide
    protection in the mean time.

    While USA has no fight with
    the Taliban other than their
    connection to al Qaeda,
    it wouldn't be just or wise to
    abandon Afghan to its
    fate with the Taliban.

    The key maybe to bring
    enough pressure against
    the Taliban in Afghan
    to make them give up
    al qaeda.
    The Taliban have no honor.
    They have sold out their own
    for the right price before.

    Bring on the 40,000
    troops. Increase protection,
    and train Afghan troops.
    The more troops the faster
    the Afghan troop build up.

    Attrit the Taliban till they do.
    The Taliban understand
    force, and hate it, the drones.

    We may have all the pieces
    for a successful paradigm
    in Afpak.

    Its a question of the will and
    ability to piece it together.

    Intelligence Antropologist

    68 Taliban surrender after commander killed in Herat

    October 14, 2009 12:34 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    Samihullah-thumb.JPGThe fighters were loyal to Ghulam Yahya Akbari, who was killed in a strike last week. Akbari's successor is said to be close to al Qaeda.

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