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    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Afghan Paradigm:, surge

    Afghan Paradigm:

    After the Russians were defeated US abandoned Afghan.
    And the Taliban took over.
    Paki has made treaty after treaty with the Taliban
    and the Taliban have broken every agreement.

    The basic paradigm works.
    Seize and hold taliban strong holds
    in Afghan, defend the tribes while
    helping them to build forces to
    withstand the Taliban,

    Then move to a new area.

    The more troops available
    to hold real estate the faster
    the process will go.

    USA has exerted extreme
    pressure on Paki to attack the
    Taliban and defeat them.
    This process has been successful.
    Paki is well on its way to crippling
    the Taliban in Paki.

    We have already seen the Taliban
    use the Durand line to move between
    Afghan and Paki fpr protection.

    With the big push on Paki
    the paradigm calls for an equally big
    push in Afghan .
    Leaving the Taliban no sanctuary.

    Afpak problem is like a balloon
    squeeze it at one end and it grows
    at the other end.

    Squeeze both ends and you have a chance to
    break it.

    al Qaeda could not survive without the
    Talibans support and protection.

    The key to breaking al Queda is the
    Taliban, under the right conditions
    the Taliban will give up al Qaeda.
    Time and time again the Taliban
    have sold out their own,
    They have no honor.
    The book "Jaw Breaker"

    The Taliban have killed over
    200 tribal leaders.

    Give the hand picked US
    Military leaders what they
    have asked for.

    40,000 more troops.
    Time is essential.

    The more troops the
    faster this job will be done.

    Support the troops and

    Intelligence Anghropologist

    Thomas P.M. Barnett agrees:

    The paradigm to defeat the Taliban is there:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Afpaki paradigm missing key point.

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