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    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Afghan problem known for 2 yrs.

    USA has known about the
    problems in Afghan for over
    2 years.

    What the paradigm is and the
    problems with that paradigm.

    Thomas P.M. Barnett outlined the problem years ago.
    Please take the time to view the 3 vids below and
    think Afghan.


    So how do we connect Afghan?
    How is Afghan golobalized?
    With an electrical grid.

    You can't win hearts and minds
    if you can't talk to them.

    FM radio is the start key.
    An electrical grid allows
    FM stations to compete
    on a basis of content
    and message.

    The terrorist message is eaisly
    refuted, currently USA has no
    method to talk to the Ummah.

    The other component is rallying the Afpak people
    to remove the terrorists.

    There currently is no mechanism to interact with
    the majority of the Ummah.

    FM radios paradigm is unworkable, they listen
    to prayers, and battries are scarce and precious.

    If we can win their minds and hearts some will
    turn on the Terrorists. Giving the leads to take
    out the one per centers.

    But the Ummah needs the electrical grid to have
    the luxury of listening to the Radio for other
    than prayers.

    Its the terrorist that are broadcasting the prayers.
    Most just listen at dusk, for the prayers, and terrorist

    For them turning on the radio to use the battries
    is kind of a religous requirement, for prayers.

    Change that paradigm and they will listen all day
    if they have the electrical power.

    Somebody said Music has the power to sooth the
    savage beast.

    If they have the elect. power it becomes an ratings
    demographic to get them to listen to a message.

    Instead of "Abbott and Costello" comedy radio show,
    it could be a Pashtun " Taliban Abbott and al Qaeda Costello" comedy
    radio show. Exposing the terrorist paradigm. ridiculing al Qaeda with humor,
    Comedian and anthropologist teams.

    Internet Broadband can even be broadcast
    over an electrial grid.

    I don't fear the terrorist lies.
    I fear not being able to answer them.

    The keys are there.

    Al Qaeda and the Taliban are loosing the fight
    And they know it.

    Intel from paradigm forecasts. and BSU's
    They have opted for remote sniper attacks using
    new IED's , design improvements from Iran.
    A more lethal IED.

    While USA forces have opted for remote sniper
    attacks from drones.
    USA is using new platforms and technology to
    to find targets as well as thousands of informants
    in Paki.

    The Taliban would be in even more fear and lower
    morale if they knew USA was picking which targets to kill.
    Meaning they are choosing not to kill all Taliban.
    They are choosing which to kill and which to allow to

    USA has a sucessfull anti-terrorist paradigm,
    and are further developing it.
    The full paradigm is not fully developed,
    but all the pieces are there.

    They were sucessfull in Iraq, killing the al Qaeda
    leader in Iraq, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the terrorist were unable to
    replace that leader with an effective commander.
    And found a way for Iraqis to identify al Qaeda as the
    enemy and those were the truning points in the Iraq

    In Paki it took a while for the Pakis to identify
    the Taliban as an enemy and turn their Military
    power against them. Add to that USA drone attacks
    against Taliban and al Qaeda leadership has them
    on the run and in deep hiding.
    The Pakistani Taliban attack Shiite children.

    Bin Laden has said he only needs one muslim
    out of 100,000 Muslims to keep his savage
    movement alive.

    And he is having trouble drawing even those.
    His killing women children and bombing Mosques
    and bombing market places has helped the Ummah
    see the real enemy.

    In afghan USA is still trying to export security.
    Afghan lacks some of the prerequisites need
    to export that security.
    The non intergrating core of this connectivity
    or globalization includes Afghanistan,
    The RailRoad for developing this connectivity
    in Afghan is electricity.

    I posted this in 2007,
    and it outlines the problems in Afghanistan now.
    Thomas P.M. Barnett ( the vids above )

    And Islam is turning on Binny.
    Islam has turned their TV against
    the Terrorist.

    The show is called "Death Making" in Arabic, hardly the way

    Popular Arab TV Program Exposes the Real Al Qaeda - International ...

    Sep 2, 2009 ... Popular Arab TV Program Exposes the Real Al Qaeda, ... The show is called "Death Making" in Arabic, hardly the way Al Qaeda probably wants
    Al Qaeda probably wants itself described.

    The world has Cut off most of their funding.

    BBC NEWS | Americas | UN sanctions 'hitting al-Qaeda'

    World efforts to cut off al-Qaeda funding are hailed as a success by a top US ... International efforts to cut off funding to al-Qaeda have made it more ...

    al Queda has turned to Muharramto fund its
    operations, drugs, fraud, theft, blackmail
    and hiring criminals.

    al Qaeda paradigm is a fraud, an esxcuse
    for war, and to gain money thru terrorism.
    Binny's original demand was for USA to
    get out of Saudi Arabia.
    When that demand was met, he changed
    his demand to all of USA must submit
    to Islam.
    Binny has no desire to end the war.
    Bin Ladens psychotic personality
    demands attention, the spotlight.
    ( When I refer to Bin Laden I refer
    to to the group keeping his persona
    alive, I do not believe he is alive,
    the world has not seen a tape
    of him in years.G )
    Bin Ladens security now runs
    one way only, info out only.
    Because of the number
    of Muslim spies there is
    no links IN to him.
    No one even in his own cadre
    can contact him, he has no
    incoming communications.
    Only out going comm.
    This makes it very hard to
    trace him, and impossible for
    even his own close commanders
    to contact him, even Big Z doesn't
    know where his is, or even if he is
    really even alive.
    His security blocks all incoming
    communication in order to keep him
    alive and untraceable.

    He does however send communications
    out, you will notice he no longer releases
    messages on the Internet, he is afraid fo being tracked.
    He has them delivered
    to the news media thru a series of dead drops.
    And those who collect and pass on the info
    are not aware of what they picking up and delivering.
    With dead drops even if someone is caught
    with a tape he doesn't know who dropped
    off the tape of how many times some one
    has picked up and dropped off a tape
    for someone else to pick up.
    No connection back to Bin Laden with
    multiple dead drops..
    The key to locating binny is the Ummah.
    They can be motivated into turning him in.

    Internet Anghropologist




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