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    Thursday, August 06, 2009

    Snake eaters and goat blood drinkers

    Lebanese Army Commandos and Visiting Teenagers Eat Live Snakes

    The following footage was aired on the Lebanese channel OTV, which is operated by the Free Patriotic Movement of Michel 'Aoun. The footage was aired as part of a show in which a group of teenagers visits a different unit of the Lebanese Army every week.

    In this week's episode, the teenagers visited the Commando Regiment. The soldiers brought a wooden box from which they took out live snakes, and began tearing them apart with their teeth and eating their flesh. The teenagers were invited to participate, and two of them are shown joining in.


    Snake eaters and goat blood drinkers

    Eating live snakes doesn't make one a good combantant.

    When I was IN, we would have a baby goat wander among the

    cadets, let them play and cuddle it. During survial training.

    Then the baby goats throat was slit and drank from the

    spouting juglar like a drinking fountain. Then we cooked it.

    It was TRAINING, "don't make pets of your FOOD".

    I have no idea what eating live snakes was training them for.

    Sounds cruel to me, at least we killed the goat before we ate it.






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