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    Thursday, August 06, 2009

    The pending attack on Iran

    The pending attack on Iran
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The pending attack on Iran's nuclear stockpiles bodes well
    for the resistance, If collateral damage is very very low.
    And proof of the regime's attempt to build nukes.
    The attack is quick and Iran is left to fume after the
    quick attack.

    The Iranian regime will be distracted with their
    counter attacks, and leave the field open to
    expose the regime's serious treaty violations
    that lead to the attack, and more distaste for
    the faked election and abuses of the Constitution.

    Iran's main target will be Israel.
    Israel will need to keep their counter attacks
    precise with very low collateral damage, and
    video everything, Iran etal will kill civilians
    and try to blame the attacks to rile up the
    Islamic Ummah.

    Most of the Ummah knows what a nuclear
    Iran means to the Middle East, increased
    Iranian terrorism.

    The attack will destroy the regime, which
    the Iranian people want, and allow a new
    Government to be elected.

    The splits between the regime and Holy Men
    will widen, the split between the 13 Iman's and
    Shia will deepen, They know about the suicide
    factor among the 13th Imman movement.

    The Iranian economy will worsen as resources
    are given to the nuclear activities and with drawn
    from the civilian economy.

    Just as the 15% raise abberjonny gave them before
    the election has been withdrawn after the election.

    And the crack down on the protesters becomes
    murderous, and they react in earnest.

    And a non-nuclear regime joins al Qaeda,
    on the sly.

    The world awaits Iran preparing for a Nuke
    test and the end of the regime.




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