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    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Pakis speak

    From Paki forum.


    Its kind of a joke.Faqir Muhammad does not even have full control of bajaur.he signed peace agreement with jirga.Now the army is fighting qari zia ur rehman group in bajur and faqir muhammad said we are not involved in attacks on army.

    I mean when this guy does not have control of his agency how can he dream of controlling wazirstan taliban and people like hakeemullah who now want power and billions of baitullah assets at all costs.


    Pakistan needs ‘months’ for Waziristan push, says army

    The commanders are right they need some time to rest the troops plus also the equipment needs maintenace....Plus they are saying so that they could pressurize the americans on giving them the much needed militayr hardware we have been asking since 2001....helicopters planes night vision etc


    Thugs can never unite, its law of nature, they can make tactical alliances but cannot unite. This is a lesson we drive from Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. I in past advocated that TTP ,which is an alliance of 20 to 30 militant islamists groups cannot survive for long ,and sooner or later the differences based on sects and group ideology will surface. Some friends thought I was claiming things which I don’t understand or have no knowledge. But Praise to Allah my assessments are coming true.

    After Baitullah Mahsud, TTP is a broken alliance. There is dispute over his succession on one hand and on other there is dispute over likings and disliking amongst different Taliban groups.

    According to reports, TTP’s spokes man Molvi Omar was arrested on information given by Tehrik e Taliban Mohmand. Amir Tehrik e Taliban Mohmand Agency Omer Khalid was at odd with Molvi Omer because they both hated each other. The dispute amongst them started when Omer Khalid Group killed Shah Khalid who was leader of Ahle Hadith Taliban of the agency.
    Omer Khalid is a Takfiri belonging to Harkat ul Mujahideen .He Became enemy of Shah Khalid Group due to its policy of not fighting Pakistani forces. Molvi Omer Aggressively opposed Omer Khalid over Shah Khalid death and advocated in Taliban Shura not to make Omer Khalid as head of TTP Mohmand.
    On other hand Shah Khalid group went under ground after Shah Khalid’s Death. It re emerged as AJMAL group and is helping Peace committee to fight TTP Mohmand. They are the real power behind QAUMI LASHKER.

    This news about Omer Khalid’s role clearly exposes the so called Taliban and how ideological they are. According to Sources from Mohmand and other agencies the majority of these so called Taliban were criminals who disguised them selves as so called soldiers of Islam to earn and commit crime in cover of Islam and Taliban Struggle.

    One more interesting report reached me today. According to reliable sources, Molvi Omer is a chicken hawk who ran away after Pakistan army Launched Operation Sherdil in Bajor agency. It is also a report that Molvi Omer Due to his conduct was imprisoned by Molvi Faqir Muhammad for few months.


    "It re emerged as AJMAL group and is helping Peace committee to fight TTP Mohmand. They are the real power behind QAUMI LASHKER."

    how can we trust these thugs with criminal mind set in form Lashkar, these ppl need to be dealt with seriously, they will keep on shifting their loyalties for their personal gains, Laskar must be at least free of these thugs & idiots

    This is slap on the face of these Taliban supporters who thought they r kinda good people & indeed these ppl are all criminals trying to gain their benefits under disguise of spreading Islam

    This also explains the dead bodies of Taliban hanging here and there...


    The lashkar is an intergral part of fighting the war in swat. Good or bad they have to be used. Trusting them will be another stupid mistake in the long like of stupid mistakes that have been made. Force dividers are how the new wars are fought, especially in remote regions of their own territory.


    Missile Strikes in FATA

    That's great news, bomb these terrorists to oblivion, don't give them any quarters like they don't to innocent Pakistanis and Afghanis. We should thank the U.S. for doing us this big of a favor of taking out our enemies for us.







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