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    Monday, August 17, 2009

    American Political Paradigm:

    American Political Paradigm:
      By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    The right to Medical Health Care Bill is at a critical juncture.

    We hear alot about the cost, and the debate on the issue
    is extensive. But note 700 Billions UDS was given to the
    criminal banks without all the legislators even reading the
    bill. And the Federal Reserve gave the Banks $2 Trillion
    with OUT strings, On their own authroity.

    That says alot about where the power lies.

    As the economy develops we will experience unprecedented
    inflation of prices and deflation of the American currency.

    This will greatly increase the cost of medical care and the
    public WILL turn to the Government for help.

    Of course the rampant inflation will usher in a Republican
    landslide and they will strongly oppose Government spending
    and blame the Democrats.

    Right now the Government, Democrats have the votes to
    create a medical health care program, and the people
    have been turned against it by an extensive grassroots
    program of lies by the lobbyists for the Insurance Companies.

    When the Inflation kicks in the people will elect the Republicans
    to clean up the mess, and they won't give the people the medical
    health care program.

    Any way one looks at it USA is in for hard times.
    And what ever health care bill USA get now from the
    Democrats will be all they wrote.

    Will USA remain the only Western power that
    doesn't have medical health care guarantee for its
    people, that would truly be a shame for USA.

    IIt seems the Democrats don't have the
    conviction of their beliefs or any

    They can pass anyting the Democrats want but
    they.don't have the BALLS.

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