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    Friday, July 17, 2009

    al Qaeda and Taliban at lowest point EVER

    Sourced form Paradigm Intel and sources inside
    the Beltway.

    Binny not in afpak. Big Z moving out. G

    Last confirmed sighting of Z was in N Waz. last June. He floated around Baluchistan and settled in Quetta by Sept. 08.
    Trouble with UBL last November, UBL blew off a planned meeting in Quetta. Z wants a global jihad, UBL wants to focus on the Arab peninsula and overthrow Yemen and the house of Saud. So Z and his Egyptians are running AQ now and UBL is, IMO, in Yemen already.
    Z is likely in the Quetta suburbs and refugee camps, cut his bodyguards to 2-3, Egyptians only and uses Chechens and Uzbeks as couriers and muscle. He is operationally close to Baitullah.
    Strong indications that Z will go to Sudan-Somalia and open an African front while UBL opens a Yemen-Arabia front. Z is well connected to the Algerian AQ.
    The AfPak theater is too compromised for them to operate freely, UAVs are keeping them too dislocated, opium $ will soon dry up. ( Other sources report Afghan poppies will be allowed for now, US will take up drug issue later, G )

    BTW, look for lots of AQ trouble coming out of Algeria-France in the future. Separate and very agressive AQ command there, very educated, great access to Europe, cyber savvy and effective, able to blend in with the many migrant workers in France

    Paki activitaing 25,000 retired





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