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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Terrorist Hacker Tells All

    Terrorist Hacker Tells All:
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Tnink Tank

    We had a lead on India hackers helping the Terrorist back on 10/30/2007 05:03:00 PM

    Our quote:
      "Not a problem, this is the remanants of the old .
      They are using off the shelf kiddy scripts.
      The group is using a secret web site and email adr to recruit.

      At the very MOST they will disrupt access to a few web sites for min.s.

      The group doesn't have more than 100 members.
      Their IT advisors in India are being monitored.

      Data was passed on to the FEDS prior to the post.
      Back when we Inflitrated and took down

    He should be questioned about his contacts back in 2007.10


    Terrorist Hacker Tells All

    March 8, 2009: A month before the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, the counter-terror police in that city arrested some key members of the Indian Mujahedeen (IM) organization. One of the three men taken was Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy, who turned out to be the chief hacker for the IM. Peerbhoy is the 31 year old son of a wealthy Moslem family, with a university degree from one of India's top schools (VIT), who had a highly paid job with Yahoo in India. Facing life in prison, Peerbhoy has been trying to gain leniency by cooperating. To that end, he has been demonstrating to the police the hacking techniques he used. In doing this, he has impressed the police with his ability to break into networks and manipulate what's there.

    Fortunately, Peerbhoy only used his Internet skills for the IM for distributing information about the group. He belonged to a "media cell" of the terrorist organization. But the police expect to find out what, if any, Internet based attack plans the IM, and other Islamic terrorist, organizations might have had. Peerbhoy is one of the most skilled Internet specialists to be found working for an Islamic terrorist organization, and he is believed to have been consulted by the IM, and other Islamic terrorists, on the potential for Islamic terrorist attacks via the Internet.



    Indian hackers helping al Qaeda.


    Internet Anthropologis t Think Tank: Mumbai Internet Chase




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