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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Show your face, we will find you.

    Intel applications are immense.
    Searching terrorist vids, public crowds,
    news photos, for terrorists.

    I wrote about this new site about a month ago and exciting new statistics from the alpha launch are detailed on Mashable today.

    Although only a few thousand people have the application installed (myself included), has already tagged over 700,000 faces across 400 million (public) photos.

    With the 15 billion pictures already on Facebook, is already fast at work going through the many fraternity party, wedding reception and family vacation pictures on the social networking site. In fact, it is tagging more than 9,000 images a minute! And if reports are correct, the tagging capabilities seem to be mostly accurate.

    Exciting to see facial recognition coming into its own -- on Facebook, Flickr's use of 
    Polar Rose, iPhoto's new Faces application...

    Who knows where it will pop up next?


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