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    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    PMOI in disaray, Iranian dissidents

    PMOI in disaray, Iranian dissidents
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    People's Mujahedin of Iran, PMOI.
    PMOI has been experiencing one of the most effective Info Wars against 
    any group ever.

    Iranian Intelligence using threats and money have mounted an all out
    dis information offensive against PMOI.

    They have channeled former PMOI members into their operations
    with double agents, false charges, and allegations of wrong doing.

    The charges and accusations have proven in courts to be false.
    MOIS has engaged in murderous attacks against PMOI members
    after calling them to peace rallys.

    MOIS  has so muddied the waters, it is now difficult to separate
    fact from fiction, MOIS has so demoralized PMOI they don't
    even answer their email any more, insiders at PMOI have told
    me they don't even check their email any more.

    The operations MOIS has run against PMOI run into the 

    The paranoia at MOIS is at an all time high.
    But the main question is why have they run such
    an extensive operation against PMOI?

    MOIS has so rattled PMOI that any that dissents
    from PMOI party line are labled PMOI.

    Our BSU's have not been able to establish any
    operations by PMOI, no anti Iranian regime 

    PMOI have been so busy confronting and countering
    MOIS propaganda they have been ineffective.

    PMOI only operations have been public relations
    posts, exposing Iranian human rights violations.

    No inroads on Iranian Nuclear program, no strikes 
    against the Iranian regime.

    The only country in the Middle East where the insurgents
    are moderates, and non-violent.

    But have been branded terrorist because of the MOIS
    operations. Europe recently after an extensive investigation
    has removed PMOI from the Terrorist list.

    But the Iranian MOIS programs against PMOI have been 
    so successful that USA still brand them terrorist.

    Tehran is laughing their asses off.

    PMOI does no Intelligence collection.
    NO reporting, nothing but exposing Iranian
    human rights violations.
    And PMOI is so paranoid after all the MOIS
    dis information operations they don't trust each other 
    any more.

    But Iran is scared to death of PMOI.

    PMOI has resources they have not tapped.


    Internet Anthropologist

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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