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    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    no teenagers to Somali.

    From Islamic forum.

    NO flights to Somalia to under 21

    I just heard from a family member who works at Heathrow airport that Western muslims of predominantly Muslim and Somali decent below the age of 21 are being denied access to flight in Somalia if there parents are not with them.
    If there are with parent than their pictures and finger prints are taken so if they do not return the parents are taken into custody. This comes as measure against many westerners of Somali decent leaving the west to fight in in Somalia.

    All those who wanted to go Somalia rethink your holiday because 5 of my friends have been told to return to their homes by anti terrorist police at heathrow airport


    follow up post:

    Why don't they just take a flight to a neighbouring country (i.e Kenya) and enter Somalia from there?


    hat tip; backdoorman.




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