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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Geniuses, INFO WAR

    The Canadians are launching an Info War in Paki.
    Comaprable to Isralies Info war.

    The Canidians are number one in Info War efforts 
    and only a year and a half behind The Internet Anthropologist Think
    Tank paradigm 11/16/2007 12:24:00 AM

    From IATT in 2007.
    "This is a good example of Info War, and their propaganda is getting through, where is the USA's Pashtoon media blitz? VOA? FM stations? Cell Phone network, TV?"

    Internet Anthropologist


    OTTAWA – Canada plans to boost its propaganda reach by tapping into mobile phones in Afghanistan to send text messages, run contests and drive listeners to its military-run, Pashto-language radio station.

    It's a fairly crude, transparent tactic in the high science of counter-insurgency, but the military sees it as a way to better connect with local Afghans in a war-torn land where the cellphone is one of the fastest growing, and only reliable, means of communication.

    The capability, to be set up this summer, will encourage Afghans to sign up for text-message alerts from defence officials and to enter military-run contests awarding prizes to lucky locals, according to public tendering documents.

    It will also let Afghans send text messages to Rana-FM, a radio station set up by the military in 2006, and have them read on the air, half a world away at the broadcast centre in Kingston, Ont. The station, whose name means "light" in Pashto, is staffed by Afghan-Canadians, and mixes messages from Canadian and coalition officials with news programming and popular music aimed at teenage and young adult listeners in Kandahar.

    Rana-FM manager David Bailey described the station in 2007 as key to "winning the information war" against the Taliban and demystifying Canada and Canadians for Afghan listeners. Defence department officials were unable yesterday to comment on the new text-message initiative.




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