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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Wrong name, dumb and dumber

    Taliban Gang:
    Wrong name, dumb and dumber and Dumbest.

    Authorities said the group used the name 'Taliban' for shock value.

    The East Palo Alto and Menlo Park-based 'Taliban' gang formed in 2002, an off-shoot of a smaller gang called the Midtown Hogs, in response to a conflict between the rival Sac Street gang, authorities said. The Taliban gang started with 10 members but grew in size and force when the Sac Street gang was dismantled by police in 2006 in "Operation: Disrupt and Dismantle."

    "(Saturday's raids) will result in dismantling one of the most notorious gangs in East Palo Alto," Police Chief Ronald Davis said at a news conference following the raids. "I'm confident that this will have a positive effect and reduce violence in East Palo Alto. But tomorrow is a new day and we will target a new gang." 

    Menlo Park Police Chief Bruce Goitia called the raids "the most significant operation in the last 20 years" in securing the safety and quality of life of his community. 

    Don Kazak
    Senior Staff Writer
    Palo Alto Weekly

    More than 500 FBI agents and police from more than 20 agencies fanned out over the Bay Area on Saturday, executing search and arrest warrants simultaneously at 7 a.m. 

    The Taliban gang is believed responsible for 12 homicides, 30 other violent felonies, and other crimes since 2002, according to police and FBI.

    Arrested on March 7, 2009:

    Name, age, city of residence

    1. Warren Jordan Sr., 47, Menlo Park
    2. Nathan Farris, 25, San Mateo
    3. Vianna Powell, 40, East Palo Alto
    4. Alfred Washington, 42, East Palo Alto
    5. Tahir Millener, 30, Newark
    6. James Bagby, 24, Hayward
    7. Nathan Gardner Sr., 57, Menlo Park
    8. Nathan Gardner Jr., 36, Menlo Park
    9. Raymond Richard, 29, East Palo Alto
    10. Sharmaine Porter, 30, East Palo Alto
    11. Darrell Snowden, 28, Menlo Park and East Palo Alto
    12. John Schofield, 19, San Francisco
    13. Lowell James, 38, East Palo Alto
    14. Marcus Lewis, 29, Oakland
    15. Christine James, 30, East Palo Alto
    16. Lonnie Brown, 22, East Palo Alto
    17. Jamie Richardson, 29, Menlo Park
    18. Delin Cole, 20, East Palo Alto
    19. Towanna Deldridge, 29, Fremont
    20. Kimboley Jones, 32, East Palo Alto
    21. Curtis Lewis, 32, East Palo Alto
    22. Homer Harris, 29, East Palo Alto
    23. Desean Gardner, 29, East Palo Alto
    24. Malikha Daniels, 25, San Jose
    25. Erik Harding, 29, Menlo Park

    Arrested on March 5 or 6, 2009:

    Name, age, city of residence

    1. Dontae Gardner, 32, East Palo Alto
    2. Jerome Sinclair, 34, East Palo Alto
    3. Javier Yepez, 22, Redwood City
    4. Jason Fitch, 26, East Palo Alto
    5. Jason Reese, 27, Menlo Park
    6. Amanuel Hinruy, 22, Menlo Park
    7. Stoney Gibson, 24, Menlo Park
    8. Emiliano Morfin, 22, Redwood City

    Already in state custody:

    Name, age, city of residence

    1. Andre Anderson, 33, Menlo Park
    2. Everardo Contrera, age undefined, East Palo Alto
    3. Kevin White, age undefined, East Palo Alto
    4. Juan Lopez, 20, Redwood City
    5. Rajnesh Lal, 26, East Palo Alto
    6. Gary Carter, 33, Menlo Park
    7. Anthony Prat, 33, East Palo Alto
    8. Rodney Mason, 19, Hayward
    9. Kevin White, 30, East Palo Alto


    How stupid can a criminal be?

    Name yourself after one of the protaganist in the GWOT.



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