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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Iran;s revolution running out of steam

    Iran;s revolution running out of steam
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist

    "In the First Year After the Revolution, We Were Alone… [30 Years Later] We Have ( BOUGHT ) Many [Allies] Around the World…  We Are the Leading Power in the Region"

    Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: "What is the state of Iran [today], after 30 years of the Islamic revolution?"
    Shariatmadari: "The [Islamic] Revolution is still alive in Iran. [In fact, after] 30 years, it is more alive than it ever was before. The revolution and its ideas are being exported to other Muslim countries.( AT GREAT $ COST )
    "In the first year after the revolution, we were alone. We did not have many friends or allies around us who shared our convictions. Today the situation is different. We are no longer alone, but have many [allies] around the world. ( BOUGHT AND PAID FOR )
    "This can be seen in Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and throughout the Islamic world. [In fact,] even some non-Muslim countries are supportive of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and have adopted its mottos and ideas. ( FOR THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY WILL SAY WHAT WE WANT )
    "Thirty years after the revolution, we are the leading power in the region in terms of military [abilities], technology, science, medicine and nuclear technology."



    Not true:

    Says our Iranian:

    "The Iranian merchants and Bazaaris have gone on a widespread strike and have shut down the bazaar. THIS alone , of thousands others of signs , indicate this regime is at its last breath."

    "Siding with a religious despot has no excuse and no justification, other than the fact that they are selling their own humanism in return for short term interests."

    After the attack on the American embasy interest for the revolution has dimmed.

    The next generation has little intrest in the current corrupt Mullah regime.

    And are held in check with arrests, prison and hanging children.

    The current resistance is scared to death of the religious fanatics.

    And cowered into inaction.

    They are depleating the National bank accounts paying Qods agents

    and buying inferior nuclear technology, a disaster waiting to happen,

    But the following generation may take action against the Mullahs,

    as the economy continues to fail and fill the pockets of the Religious


    The power politics continue but the revolution is turning against them.





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