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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Feds waste resources

    Feds waste resources
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Record industry lobbyist are forcing Feds
    to waste resource chasing an out moded

    The record indrustry is using a pre-internet

    And their lobbyists are powerful enough
    to politically force Feds, to waste investigative
    resources trying to enforce an outdated
    unenforceable paradigm.

    The music indrustry has evoloved from
    manufacuturing 33 rpm platters to re-aragning bytes
    on a PC or Ipod .

    The production cost for one music cut
    or a million cuts is the same.
    All they are doing is rearanging bytes,
    Virtually no costs involved for unlimited

    Their paradigm will eventgually evolove into
    making the music so cheap that it is eaiser
    and safer to buy the music than upload
    unauthorized cuts.

    If the cost of these cuts were pennies
    instead of dollars their profits would increase
    and pirating would decline to almost zero.
    As purchased cuts would be eaiser and safer
    to aqquire.

    While the instant case is off point,
    it indicates the error of their paradigm.

    Their current paradigm is doomed to fail.


    Feds Demand Prison for Guns N' Roses Uploader

    By David Kravets EmailMarch 13, 2009 | 6:37:35 PMC

    SkwerlFederal prosecutors in Los Angeles are pursuing a 6-month prison term for a Los Angeles man who pleaded guilty in December to one misdemeanor count of uploading pre-release Guns N' Roses tracks, according to court documents.

    Kevin Cogill was arrested last summer at gunpoint and charged with uploading nine tracks of the Chinese Democracy album to his music site — The album, which cost millions and took 17 years to complete, was released November 23 and reached No. 3 in the charts.

    The sentence being sought — including the calculation of damages based on the illegal activity of as many as 1,310 websites that disseminated the music after Cogill released it — underscores how serious the government is about punishing those for uploading pre-release material.




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