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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Internet security urgently needs new strategies

    U.S. Internet security urgently needs new strategies

    The current Internet Security Paradigm is lacking.
    Harding nets, cores, anti-everything, sheilds and
    building a net fortress won't work.

    There are State sponsors, hidden State sponsors,
    Criminals, Terrorists and non-state actors.

    There is no offensive Force presence on the WWW.
    The Internet Security Paradigm forecasts,
    an out break of an all out Cyber WAR in the future.

    There is no  counter threat strong enough to deter an attack.

    The Internet core can be taken out by a Bot attack.
    It has almost happened by accident once,
    And there have been several attacks on the core
    by bot nets that were unsucessful ONLY because 
    'they; didn't have enough bots to finish the job.

    Chief security officer for Arbor Networks Danny McPherson said the growth in attack size continues to "significantly outpace" the corresponding increase in underlying transmission speed and infrastructure investment.


    Conficker botnet is a proof of concept.
    And Conficker is just the start.
    They have around 20 million bots
    available for a DOS attack on the core.
    And it is still a threat.

    The USA needs a decitated Cyber Force
    to go after the PCs of the bot herders
    and a SWAT tybe capability to penetrate
    those PCs and collect intel, destroy those 
    PCs and preserve evidence for criminal 
    prosecution and if needed wet black ops.

    An attack on the WWW core should be a 
    capital offense, punishable by Death.

    The loss of the WWW would drop the 
    world back to post WWII economy.

    And shut down the worlds banking and
    economic and comunications systems.

    Running a PC without security should
    be cause for banning them from the Internet 
    for minths and a stiff fine, and repet offenders
    jail time.

    There needs to be a world wide funding 
    effort to improve security and protect 
    the core.

    There are options available, current
    technology available to shut down
    bot PCs with the flick of a switch.

    But there doesn't seem to be the will
    or ledership to protect the WWW,
    and empower a force, equipted with the
    technology to stop these criminals.

    NSA and the Military and civilian forces
    need to build a force to take on the 
    evil forces that will eventually target the

    Before it happens,

    Blind, weak, forewarned, unprotected we blunder 
    towards a catastrophe of epic proportions.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    The security vendors are doing an abysmal 
    job of even protection against virus protection.
    Many times only 4 out of 16 virus.trojan programs
    will detect a threat, a FAILING GRADE IN ANY BUSINESS.




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