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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Applied Anthropology and fourghs

    Applied Anthropology and fourghs
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    In my pratice, anthropology, 
    my methods and observations
    have developed some unique 
    skill sets.

    I think my strengths are processing,
    and paradigm reading and engeering.

    As author of "Paradigm Intelligence"
    ( A work in progress.)
    I have developed a method for pulling 
    Intel out of closed cells.

    I have worked with its strengths and
    weaknesses, and I am still pushing for
    its limits.

    In combining Anthropology the Internet and
    Paradigms I have developed a remarkable product.
    Applied Anthropology.

    I have a large readership and a following
    in Anthropology ACADEMA.

    And I have readers, anthropologist, 

    I have had anthropologist say
    "Thats not anthropology"

    And my spirit soars, its a high,
    like making a touchdown.

    I just scored big points, from a pro.

    The end product is not Anthropology.
    It doesn't and shouldn't smell, read,
    or look like anthropology.

    Using applied Anthropology
    should be no more apparent
    than brush strokes on a 
    painted wall.

    Its not the act you see,
    it is the wall,
    after the application,
    you don't see the tools 
    just the work product,
    and the brushes are not apparent,
    not even thought of, if the job is good.

    I call it elegant applied anthropology.
    (of scientific, technical, or mathematical theories, solutions, etc.) gracefully concise and simple; admirably succinct.
    Many readers never see the anthropology,
    applied anthropology, they don't see the act, the 
    application, just the end product.

    The subject we have applied anthropology to,
    study of human culture, after the application.
    and present the subject in a new light.

    You never see the Anthropology.

    One of the anthropologist said,
    your plowing virgin terrority.
    I agreed and added, "I decide which
    direction the fourghs go."

    Internet Anthropologist




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