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    Sunday, February 22, 2009


    Stolen from Jawa:

    "The Miracle of Gaza; White Uniformed Forces Appeared In Gaza"

    Apparently terrorist supporters are pushing the story that mysterious white clothed fighters appeared during IDF's Operation Cast Lead. Only the IDF could see them and no one else.

    An excerpt with no link for now:

    Another Palestinian citizen, recounted a different story about the “white forces”.

    He disclosed that earlier there was an ambulance driver who was stopped by the Israeli forces. He was asked of which camp he belonged to, the camp of Hamas or Fatah? And the unfortunate driver answered, “I am not from any camp, I am just an ambulance driver,” he said.

    However, the Israeli forces still asked, “The group in white uniforms behind you just now, which camp did they join?” The driver was puzzled as he was sure that he did not see anyone else behind him. “I don’t know” was the only answer he could give.

    Then, who were the forces in white uniforms which always “followed” the Zionist-Israeli forces?

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