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    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    NSA missing a surveillance dimension.

    NSA missing a surveillance dimension.
    By Gerald: INternet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Our Classified Paradigm Intel suggests 
    NSA Internet abd communication data vacume 
    methods lacking.
    While their methods can vacume data 
    from an entire news corp. they lack 
    the paradigm to fuction in a horzontal 
    They seem to depend on wholesale
    volume vacuming and sifting on a vertical basis.

    The huge volume of possible leads precludes
    human Inductive reasoning  to develop leads.
    Machine fitering and screening require a development
    a preponderance of possible evidence cross a minium
    thresh hold before it is shuttled to a human.
    The machine method digests what it is fed.
    It doesnot request specfic investigtive methods
    or actions.
    Even the best algorithms collect a basket
    of predetermined assumptions/goods that
    might say "terrorist", A poor substutite for 
    human Inductive reasoning  to develop leads.
    HIR ( human Inductive reasoning ) isn't as cost 
    effective as machines but HIR uses a more 
    advanced/complex paradigm/algorithm.
    And is a deminsion missing at NSA.

    Internet Anthropologist




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