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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Info War venue

    Info War venue
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Israelis are currently mounting the most sucessful Info War,
    next to the Terrorist brand "Bin Laden" and Obama's election team.

    15 and 22 percent of the world’s population is on line, that is the Info war Demographic,
    that could as good as 1 in 5 people in the World.

    Obama's team has probally the best grasp of how to fight an info war as
    evidenced by his election operation and use of social networks.
    It remains to be seen if his election team can transition their social network
    to the rest of the world.
    Obama has an opportunity to bring a NEW paradigm to the GWOT,
    cut deaths and convert hearts and minds.

    I have yet to see the expertise exibited in social networking that the Obama
    team displayed during the election.
    Question remains if they have the experitise to transition their social network 
    skills to the GWOT.

    Remarkable skill set displayed.

    ( From Tech Crunch email )

    The number of people on the Internet surpassed one billion in December, according to comScore. The actual number is probably higher than that (Internet World Stats counted nearly 1.5 billion Web surfers worldwide as of June 30, 2008). In any case, only between 15 and 22 percent of the world’s population is on the Internet. We have a long way to go.

    Using the comScore numbers, here is the breakdown by country and region (in unique visitors as of December, 2008; some of the numbers are rounded):

    Top 15 countries, by Internet population:

    1. China: 179.7 million
    2. United States: 163.3 million
    3. Japan: 60.0 million
    4. Germany: 37.0 million
    5. United Kingdom: 36.7 million
    6. France: 34.0 million
    7. India: 32.1 million
    8. Russia: 29.0 million
    9. Brazil: 27.7 million
    10. South Korea: 27.3 million
    11. Canada: 21.8 million
    12. Italy: 20.8 million
    13. Spain: 17.9 million
    14. Mexico: 12.5 million
    15. Netherlands: 11.8 million

    Worldwide Internet Audience

    • Asia Pacific: 416 million (41.3%)
    • Europe: 283 million (28.0%)
    • North America: 185 million (18.4%)
    • Latin America: 75 million (7.4%)
    • Middle East & Africa: 49 million (4.8%)
    They have the skills, they have the technology,
    do they have the will?

    Anybody know who Obama's webMASTER is?



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