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    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    Taliban killing Spies?

    There has been alot of coverage about the Taliban Killing locals as spies for the Americans.
    Its generally agreed the are killing scape goats, NOT AMERICAN SPIES.

    Its part info warfare and psyops, to scare those that do know something to keep their mouths
    shut. Some they even scare into confessions, or to stop the brutal questioning and threats to their families.

    The number of people in the Ummah that secretly hate the Taliban is enormous.
    Many that use our tip line or the wiki keep us very busy.

    Some seek rewards others just to stop the Taliban and al Qaeda.
    Some get $ rewards.

    But the Taliban are failing to even slow the number people giving info.

    Our Beltway informant says:

    "The problem is they are all poor and the word gets out that someone's got money, the suspicion is that they are "spies". The Pahktun are a very paranoid people anyway and if they weren't fighting us they would be fighting each other. The Muhammad brothers weren't informants as I'm aware, just from out of town, expendable/useful to keep others that have real knowledge of Taliban and AQ targets from informing."

    But the Taliban know they are using a failing Paradigm.
    And afraid their turn will fall under the drones.

    We have heard rumors of mobile land mines with vid cams and dropped by drones, and uplinked
    to same. They look like rocks.
    The Mars Rover has run for
    5 years, ON MARS.


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