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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Observations, 12,28,2008

    Photo by gerald cr 2008

    Observations, 12,28,2008
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Something al Qaeda Missed.

    Biny saw Vietnam, and Mogadishu and Black Hawk down.
    And drew the conclusion US would quit after "X" fatalities.

    This is a fatal paradigm error on Ladden's part.

    The above actions US had nothing at stake.

    Unlike these actions where the American people had
    a personal stake in.

    US had over 600,000 deaths in the Civil War.

    WWII over 420,000 US dead.

    In WWII the death rate for bombing raids
    over Germany was running at 33%.
    And not one US plane ever refused to fly
    or turned back.

    When US has something at stake:
    like anti-Slavery, Hitler, or 911
    they fight till they win.

    al Qaeda has committed a fatal paradigm ERROR.
    USA was attacked on 911 and civilians killed.
    USA is committed to the fight against al Qaeda,
    they have even spent themselves into a Depression
    to fight al Qaeda.

    The Taliban understand revenge, retribution,
    but have chosen to place themselves in
    the cross hairs for the sake of al Qaeda,
    the suicide bombers, killers of Muslim women and children.
    Bombing market places.

    The guests don't know when to leave,
    The guest treat the host as DOGS.
    And still the Taliban serve.

    The Terrorist are now loosing on every front.
    Iraq, all but over.
    Stan, heavy attrition of cadre,
    informants cheap and plentiful.
    1,200 web sites gone, recruiting down, fund raising down.
    Info war attrited, funds heavily reduced.
    Youtube, jahiddies way down
    Face book dumping jahiddies by the scores.
    al Qaeda continue to start grass fires world wide
    and US continues to put them out.
    USA's war machine continues to evolve
    even during operations.

    al Qaeda and the Taliban working with
    fatal paradigm and have moved to
    infantry attacks on civilian cities, ( India ).

    Again a fatal paradigm error.
    This action puts them against most every
    government in the world.


    Observation II

    Cyber sidearms:

    We issue some cyber commando team members cyber side arms.
    And we have outlined how mis use can be a criminal offense.

    What are cyber side arms?
    Buttons, keys on the keyboard.

    While we neither admit nor deny the use of these weapons
    we are just pondering what they would do.

    One of them attempts a "pop up" on their computer, with
    text message of your choice.

    Or one button calls up a team to scan and penetrate the PC.

    Where one could nuke the pc, start a format in the background.
    or remove some MS files which causes explorer.exe to run at 50
    to 90% of the CPU use.

    Or turn off his firewall and let the net kill him.

    Or change his passwords, causing him to start
    password recovery emails etc.

    Disable all his media players.

    Or over clock his PC, turn the fan off and temp up,
    causing it to "burn" up eventually.

    And there are several ways to crash the drive.
    140,000 hard drives crash every day around the world.

    Or un do some of the MS security patches,
    eventually the net will eat him.

    Or there is termination with "Extreme Prejudice for all time".
    Where bots actively hunt packets destined for his PC
    and are deleted before delivery, for years.

    And the in plain sight time bomb,
    a known program in a different file
    that deletes a specific data base, or target file at given intervals.

    Or moving a file can cause the PC to take 5 min to start.

    Sometimes its not about taking out a PC, but wasting and
    burning up the targets time.
    Or driving him crazy, like every 7 times the "w" key is
    hit the PC locks up for 3 min.

    Stuff that JUST drives them crazy.

    Any way that is what I imagine in my news reporters
    minds eye, thats what some of the
    side arms do, a Heavy weapons squad would be very
    different they into heavy lifting, mass stuff,
    probably very nasty. Some of these guys have
    played against the
    "Nazi Hang up Gang"
    predecessor to the "Russian Business net"


    Observation III

    Israel cancels Iran's nuke?

    Paradigm Intel indicates a line in the sand.

    During one of Cheny's exit interviews
    There were significant non-verbal feed.

    Our conclusions were there is a Line which if
    crossed by Iran will trigger an attack that will
    take out the majority of Iran's SECRET nuke

    This plan seems to have the support of the incoming
    president. Changing the guard at the Whitehouse
    will have no impact on US response to Iran's actions.

    The recent attack on Hamas secret locations in Gaza by
    150 Israel Air Force bombers in one night was a practice
    run for taking out Iran's nuke program.

    Operation Cast Lead

    Here again the terrorist make a fatal paradigm error
    by blocking Muslims from Hajj.

    All of Islam is outraged.

    Just waiting for Iran to hit the trip wire.
    Everything in place and ready.

    Every tank in Iran in 24 hrs.

    To many critical actions vector in Gaza.
    Russians going to get burnt.
    Syria high on target list.
    Leadership decapitation.


    Iran's Secret War plans; G


    FM spokesman in Tehran: Iran begins preparing operations against Israel

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    December 29, 2008, 6:18 PM (GMT+02:00)

    On Monday, Dec. 29, Day 3 of Israel's Gaza operation, the spokesman said Iran had embarked on preparations for operations against Israel in line with the directives laid down by supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini in his speech Sunday.

    in his speech, Khameini issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to stand up and defend Palestinians against Israel. He said "true believers" were "duty-bound to defend" the Palestinians. Khamenei did not spell out what he intended. The foreign ministry statement said believers killed in their cause would be counted martyrs.

    A group of hardline clerics is signing up volunteers to fight "against the Zionist regime" in the Gaza Strip "in either military, financial or propaganda fields." This is reported by the semi-official Fars news agency.

    Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari told the Iranian news agency IRNA that it was time for Iran and Arab nations to go to war with Israel.

    DEBKAfile: Egypt has led widespread Arab voices blaming Hamas for the Gaza crisis and accusing Iran of manipulating the Palestinian cause as a power play for its own ends.


    The expected Hamas reprisals came quickly. Before burying their dead, they sent missiles flying to Ashkelon, then Netivot, where an Israeli man was killed and seven people were injured. Kiryat Gat was hit by a missile and Ashdod's citizens heard sirens. Both are on the outer perimeter of Hamas long-range missiles and have been unscathed until now.

    Israel is holding ready the option of a major ground incursion if Palestinian missile attacks remain at a high level.

    A big question hangs over whether Iran will send Hizballah to open a second front from Lebanon in response to the Israeli air operation in Gaza. According to DEBKAfile's intelligence sources, the Hizballah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, paid a secret visit to Tehran in the third week of November to clarify this very question. A short while later, the al Qods commander, Gen. Qassem Suleimani, arrived in Beirut. Most probably, they tied up the ends of a possible Hizballah response to the expected Israeli Gaza operation during that visit. Hence the Israeli military spokesman's warning that the Gaza air operation was just the beginning and could be expanded as needed.


    Afghan Taliban urge Muslims to rise up over Gaza raids - Reuters

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