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    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Cyber terror war pardigm shift

    While most will agree it is almost impossible to penetrate a terrorist cell.
    There has been much progress in the war against terrorism on the web.

    First there has been the closing of over 1,000 terrorist web sites.
    And the disapperance of around 50 terrorist webmasters.
    And the Terrorist have signaled defeat on Youtube.
    Thanks to "YOUTUBE SMACKDOWN".
    And over 140 jahiddies dumped from Facebook in one day.

    The info war capacity of the terrorist has been very diminished.
    They do however continue to use the dark, secret side of the WWW
    for command and control.

    And al Qaeda and Taliban webmasters have joined forces to try and
    take up the slack.

    We continue to hunt terrorist webmasters and hackers and burn them.

    We have turned a corner on the use of the WWW by terrorist.
    By the combined efforts of civilian cyber warriors, US Intel, and the Military
    working in concert.

    Internet Anthropologist

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