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    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    al Qaeda connection to India

    al Qaeda connection to India
    attack. By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 27, 2008

    Paradigm Intel suggests al Qaeda connection to India

    Paki and India have a troubled past, Kasimer, nuclear
    arms, border skirmishes.

    But it has been peaceful between them for many years.

    Pakistan have used the Taliban as an unofficial army
    to deal with some of its India problems.

    The Paki Intelligence services, ISI, have directed them in the

    So who could have a motive to start something up
    between Pakistan and India.

    It would seem the Pakistan Government has its hands
    full with the Taliban and Americans. Why would they
    want to start something up with India now.

    Paradigm Intel suggest the Pakistan Government
    has no interest in starting something up with India

    Pakistan is a Nuclear power and has nothing to fear
    from India.

    But it is our opinion that the Taliban are on the ropes.
    And the Paki Government Army is attriting the Taliban.

    Is part of ISI afraid of loosing the Taliban as an unofficial Army?
    Or does al Qaeda think they can run an false flag psyops in
    the form of a fake ISI directed attack against India?

    That would bring pressure on the ISI and the Paki Army
    relieving pressure on the Taliban.

    And we have chater and noise that in fact the Paki Army has moved forces
    to the India border, pulling them away from the effort against the Taliban.

    If ISI wanted to preserve the Taliban does a faked attack on India
    serve their purpose? The attack on India was expected to be in most part
    a suicide attack, as they expected the India Military to counter attack.

    They would expect one or two to survive the attack and know they would leak information.
    And the detail of the infantry attack was so not al Qaeda, and big Z seemed to be oblivious to the facts of an attack.

    While the facts if the attack speak against al Qaeda's involvement, the considerations
    of motivations indicate the possibility of a fales flag op and al Qaeda's involvement.

    While we have no empirical evidence, Paradigm Intel suggests the possibility.

    Setting up a front orginization to act as ISI agents and Military instructors
    is not out of al Qaeda's range of actions.

    The participants would then inform on what they thought were genuine
    Government operators.

    One would expect that ISI would expect some to survive
    and inform, unless they were incompetent and the rest of the
    operation would suggest otherwise.

    So the Paradigm Intel suggest the ISI was NOT actually involved.
    But the operation was run so as to suggest their involvement.

    So the hypothesis piviots on motivation.

    Who benifits from the attack on India.

    al Qaeda...and the Taliban.





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