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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    Things that drive me nutz

    A help desk that tells you to turn off your firewall to up load program or test your connection,
    ( Charter )

    Friend of mine got a free online scan that discovered a back door trojan and a keyloger,
    and the Virus Security service wants him to buy their cleaning service by entering his 
    credit card numbers. ( Trend Micro, he couldn't get the online scanner to function )

    Messages from the new Google browser saying other Google software/products are not compatable.

    New Trialware security products that want to uninstall your paid security suite.

    While installing a new program, you get pop up text boxes that last for 1 second.

    Waiting for a security patch, its like walking around with your pants down.

    People that don't answer my emails.

    Support desks that don't read the support request and respond with canned answers, 
    unrelated to the problem.


    bill o'reilly

    Nancy Grace's passing her gossip off as news.

    Green cigars

    Slow news and Intel weekends.





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