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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Taliban webmaster, IPs, location Pakistan

          By Noah Shachtman
          ...Not only does it apply to "any person, group or organization who, with terroristic intent utilizes, accesses or causes to be accessed a computer or computer network or electronic system or electronic device or by any available means, and thereby knowingly engages in or attempts to engage in a terroristic act." The ordinance also considers cyber terrorism to be:
          .....(c)  aiding the commission of or attempting to aid the commission of an act of violence against the sovereignty of Pakistan, whether or not the commission of such act of violence is actually completed;
          EXCLUSIVE: By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank BSU's have been tracking Tracing a dozen  Paki terrorism webmasters and hackers, Lets see what Pakistan Intel does with this? Terrorist webmasters and hackers in Pakistan: #1 Screen name: alemarah islam Terrorist Webmaster: is an Arab, from Saudi Arabia. Speaks Arabic and Pashto and some english. He lives 4km out side Islambad, to the East south east. HIS IP is 119¸154¸65¸172:1660 and 58¸27¸163¸244:24892 His web sites: His web sites are highly infected with malware. His response to me was: "thanks fro your inf we will see you in next few days" On line today. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name: alsomood_100 from Taliban magazine on line.  4 of them working together: Location     Lahore, Pakistan His assistants: ( ) ( ) ( ) His boss:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban web master, still active. Taliban site now down:  Location: Lahore, Pakistan ISP:lhr63¸pie¸net¸pk  IP (202¸125¸143¸66:62078) He is from Saudi Arabia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban spokes person: Qari Yousuf Ahmadi  Location      Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany  ISP     p57B8FA42¸dip¸t-dialin¸net  IP (87¸184¸250¸66:55598)  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Author Taliban Magazine. Screen name: zabul Location: Lahore, Pakistan IP  (202¸125¸143¸70:28168) and 116¸71¸0¸117:2138 in Islamabad, Pakistan  English is his main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban webmaster Screen name: mdmansori Assiciated with Location: Islamabad, Pakistan IP (119¸154¸1¸189:3753) English is his main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name;  dr_talib_mujahid Assoicated with  Location:Lahore, Pakistan His IP (202¸125¸143¸66:62078) and He is from Saudi Arabia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen neame: qma_12345  Assoicate of alemarah1 Cell phones 0707163424 / 0700886853 LocationL Lahore, Pakistan  His IP (202¸125¸143¸76:16670) and ( He is an Iranian speaks Persian. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name:  leemedia786 Location Karachi, Pakistan IP  (125¸209¸73¸125:5629) Main language English xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Webmaster for now down" Screen name:  adil_watanmal Uploading from flash drive or CD file:///C:/Documents and Settings/mmv/My Documents/My Pictures/arshef.bmp file:///F:/Alemarah web site/Pashtoo/faighamona/faighamona1.JPG file:///K:/New Folder/akhbar.JPG his personal computer (C drive), a flash drive (F) and maybe some other kind of external device (K). Location: Karachi, Pakistan IP (124¸29¸231¸195:1620) Main language English xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Partner of above and co webmaster Screen name: murchal_2006 Location: Karachi, Pakistan IP English main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rest are cooperating. We also have emails for most mentioned here.  Gerald  Tactical Internet Systems analyst   For errors or corrections contact me at: . I am a cyber warrior, my Song .
          More Taliban Webmasters:

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