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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Repost: Sum of all thier fears

    Ode to Company "C" Terrorist sweatin it.

    Ode to Company C.

    The Sum of All Their Fears 

    In 1991 Tom Clancy released a book titled The Sum of All Fears. 
    It portrayed the face of a world in fear from nuclear terrorists. 
    Ten years later terrorists sucker punched the heart of American. 
    The media again painted the world wearing a face of fear. 

    In the years that followed, a different face quietly stepped forward. 
    The U.N. isn't aware. Governments and business ignore it. The media is blind to it. 
    The new face has no funding. No power brokers. No lobbyists. No authority. Still it emerged. Fearless. 

    It may have started with an E-mail, or a news link. In time became a post to a forumA blogA videoWatching every movementEvery messagePawning their sitesShutting down their horror showsStepping thru their OpSecDecompiling their appsNotifying the mediaPushing the U.N. 
    Fearless. Relentless. 

    Self Aware 
    One day a lone human caught sight of the new face. Somehow, grasping it on a global scale, he called it, "The Brilliant Sector". It evolved into a call to action. Some, working alone, heard the call. Now aware that others are working together, they too boldly stepped forward to join the new face. 
    Fearless. Relentless. Tireless. 

    It Knows 
    What nightmare makes a terrorist tremble in fear? What horror wakes them in a cold sweat? 
    The face of the tracker. The face of the infiltrator. The witness. The ringing phone. 
    In April a new torment will begin to haunt them. One hundred keyboards working in concert. 
    Fearless. Relentless. Tireless. Untouchable. 

    Together at last, the new face becomes… 

    The Sum of All Their Fears



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