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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Mullah Omar dead. NOT

    From our sources inside the beltway.
    Retraction: USA did not kill Taliban commander Mullah Omar, but Mohammad Omar, 11 Taliban, and 8 AQ Arab/Central Asians in that missile strike in the Shakai region north of Wana in South Waziristan. (  just one of Baitullah's commanders with the same name )
    Omar is known as (Haji) Mohammad Omar Khan, Wazir tribe, cousin of Nek Mohammad (degraded 2004).  He is a ranking Haqqani Lieutenant and very active in attacks on us in Afghanistan.  He was meeting with two other Haqqani lower-level commanders: Waheedullah and Nasrullah and their five (each) bodyguards.  All are KIA.

    Islamabad traffic ground to stop, is on red alert after a solid tip that two vehicle borne IED's are driving around.  Traffic jams and road blocks everywhere.
    Cell phones :The Pakis are finally shutting down the last unregistered SIM cards, everyone has 14 days to register or be disconnected.  The Taliban and AQ like to carry several unregistered SIM cards that they constantly switch in their phones to piece out their text messages and voice calls to keep from getting tracked or intercepted.  We've been pressuring them hard for over a year on this. Other news Taliban is forcing all cell/mobile providers in Ghazni Province to shut down all cell phones . Starting on the 31 st. of Oct. 08. ...
    The Pakis are really hurting for crude oil and have asked Iran for three months supply on credit.  They originally asked for two years worth on credit and the Saudis and Iranians said no, the Iranians will likely go for the three months only.
    The Pakis have gone begging to the IMF for money, and will get an answer and loan conditions on November 7th.  Chinese bankers just showed up in Islamabad for loan negotiations.  The Pakis are really hurting financially.




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