Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iranian Gov hackers infecting al Qaeda members

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    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Iranian Gov hackers infecting al Qaeda members

    Iran Gov. Taking down al Qaeda sites.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 13, 08

    Iranian Gov hackers have been infecting al Qaeda members.

    Ok we cannot prove the Iranian Goverment connection, But we have strong Paradigm Intel that gets as close as one can without a smoking gun.

    We have depoyed BSU's on them, and will have more info.

    The Iranians started their program on 7.31 08.
    With the Fdos-doraah.dr Trojan.

    And in June were probing Terrorist PC's with the Midgare.gra. Trojan.

    The methods and techniques deployed are not unique but very well done.
    And as al Fajar Media Center has no idea how it was done we are not going to give them any help.

    al Fajar Media Center is alleged to have a Hacking Brigade, but are ineffective, and no match for the Iranians, we expect to see more attacks and wipe outs of al Qaeda web sites.

    Iran is still angry at Bin Ladens son escaping Iran to Paki.
    And this may be pay back for al Qaeda operating inside Iran.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst
    Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television seems to have been the target in a Shiite riposte for damage recently inflicted by Sunni hackers on hundreds of sites connected to the Iranian government and Iraq's most senior Shiite cleric. Attacks and counter-attacks of this sort are not a surprise anymore, but they remain a disappointment. Just as then-new mediums like radio and satellite television prompted "wars" in which supporters of one movement or another sought - by means both fair and foul - to counter the arguments and limit the influence of their rivals, so does the Internet now constitute a new venue for "ideological" battles that fly in the face of what the open interchange of ideas is supposed to be all about.


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