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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Eye opener,"NO end in sight"

    Eye opener,"NO end in sight"

    Just saw "No end in Sight" ( cable program ) basicly about the Iraqi occupation.
    The Army ran a Genius WAR, but the occupation after the victory/war
    was a disgrace, Bremer made serious error after error, and against the Armys
    advice. A one man Mega disaster. The video presents a convincing case; Bremer, single handedly and his policys turned the Iraqi's against the USA. 

    The Mishandling of the occupation laid the foundation for the insurgency,
    and thousands of US troop deaths.
    1) Allowing the looting ( encouraged criminals )
    2) De-bathification ( one had to be a Bathis to get a Gov. job, all fired. )
    3) Dis banding the Iraqi Army ( Equals 27% unemployment for Iraq )

    There by setting up the ranks of criminals, unemployed, leaders, and professional army,
    600,000 est, for the Insurgency to draw from.

    Its a very educational experience, and very damning.
    Worth a watch. Please comment after you have seen it.
    Looking for counter point.

    Hypothesis, "Bremer had bad personal OSINT."
    Good personal OSINT by passes the "yes men".
    Good personal OSINT helps provide a balanced view.


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