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    Sunday, October 05, 2008

    American leader of al Qaeda is back

    The American leader of al Qaeda is back.

    Even al Qaeda needs Americans.

    Gadahn pointed to the current US economic crisis that has shaken up Wall Street 
    as proof that Muslims are on the verge of a historic victory.

     Adam Gadahn said that Pakistani government is responsible for the deaths of more Muslims than the American "crusaders.( But not as many as alQeda, they hold the record for Pakis killed. G. )


      And most important notice the field of depth in the photo, Gaddahan ( Big Z's boy toy ) is first. ( with his fixed nose and make up
      women in the Office spotted it. )

      An indication of the NEW al Qaeda leadership.
      OBL is looking AWAY,dead...
      Zawahiri is in the BACKGROUND, wounded.
      and in the FOREGROUND the heir apparent: Gaddahn.
      With a new nose, the MOOjdeen can't get good wound care and he gets a nose job?
      The NEW al Qaeda leader.

      O'samma is quite faded,
      Zawahiri less faded,
      and Gaddahn very clear....

      Its not a surprise, al qaeda's media arm is full of young, Internet
      illerate, power hungry jahidists
      and Gaddahn is closer to their age and is computer literate, and
      instructs the dummies on what to do with the computers, with out the American 
      their media arm dies a slow pain full death.
      With an American running al Qaeda, it has a chance.

      Hell al Qaeda can't even run their own Jihad,
      they have an American help them..

      One way or the Other an American will be telling al Qaeda what to do.




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